The ClearDATA Healthcare Security and Compliance Platform

Healthcare is rapidly moving to the public cloud in an effort to scale - to harness the tremendous, untapped value of public health data, and to improve their constituents’ outcomes and experience. However, many organizations express a lack of confidence regarding where to begin shoring up gaps in privacy, security and healthcare compliance to best safeguard sensitive health data (PHI/PII) in the cloud. These gaps create risk, and risk creates damage to your reputation and your finances. ClearDATA can help.


The ClearDATA Healthcare Security and Compliance Platform

Our Platform of proprietary software and highly specialized services allows your healthcare organization to access and build upon the latest cloud technologies in a secure and compliant environment that scales.

We secure hundreds of healthcare organizations’ PHI and PII as they build innovative apps in the public clouds - Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform. Our comprehensive next-gen platform of software and services enables you to scale your business as you improve your healthcare compliance and security posture and cost optimization.

Built Exclusively for Healthcare by Cloud Experts

Our proprietary software serves as the foundation of the Platform, arming you with automated safeguards, automatic remediations and line of sight to real-time compliance reporting. In addition, it provides solutions to assist your team in the identification, management and use of PHI/PII in a compliant manner.

The platform is both layered and modular to allow your organization to innovate in the cloud using the latest advanced software development technologies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence. Professional and tiered services complement the software package, ensuring a seamless integration with any healthcare organization’s cloud strategy.

Our Software and Services 

ClearDATA Comply™ enforces compliance and provides real-time reporting to prove your status

ClearDATA Assess® transforms the traditional security risk assessment (SRA) service by providing customers with a software front end to make the process more efficient and manageable

ClearDATA Locate® leverages machine learning and natural language processing technology to help forward-thinking healthcare organizations find, manage and use data that contains PHI / PII

Professional Services help you navigate and accelerate your cloud journey with a security and compliance strategy at the core via The ClearDATA Compliant Cloud Adoption Framework.

Services meet you where you are in your journey to and in the cloud, giving you the support you need, when you need it.

Our responsive platform is backed by a purposeful, negotiated BAA to best mitigate your risk and protect your organization while supporting your unique rapidly changing workloads and variable demand.

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