The ClearDATA Healthcare Security and Compliance Platform™

The platform is designed to solve your healthcare compliance and data security needs regardless of which public cloud you choose. Comprised of software and services, the platform enables you to easily track compliance and security status in the public cloud within a streamlined central interface – all wrapped in a purposeful Business Associate Agreement.   

the ClearDATA Healthcare Security and Compliance Platform

The platform is both layered and modular to enable innovation in the public cloud using advanced software development technologies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence: 

  • ClearDATA Comply™ enforces compliance and provides real-time reporting to prove your status
  • ClearDATA Assess™ transforms the traditional security risk assessment (SRA) service by providing customers with a software front end to make the process more efficient and manageable
  • ClearDATA Locate™ leverages machine learning and natural language processing technology to help forward-thinking healthcare organizations find, manage and use data that contains PHI / PII
  • Professional Services can help you navigate and accelerate your cloud journey with a security and compliance strategy at the core via The ClearDATA Compliant Cloud Adoption Framework 

Our Approach

Our platform aligns your technology environments with modern cloud services, easily enabling the capabilities you need to support rapidly changing workloads, like HIPAA compliant web applications or SaaS with variable demand, analytic or back office workloads. Best of all, you are assured of a security and compliance level that only ClearDATA can deliver. Built exclusively for healthcare and life sciences applications, our responsive platform is backed by one of the most comprehensive BAAs in the industry in order to mitigate your risk and protect your organization.  

HITRUST Certified

In 2014, ClearDATA successfully achieved Common Security Framework (CSF) Certified status from the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST). This independent, third-party certification assures you that ClearDATA’s cloud computing, backup, disaster-recovery and professional services meet the highest standards for managing security risks and protecting health information.

In 2018, ClearDATA became the first healthcare-exclusive cloud provider to achieve HITRUST 9.1 certification on all three of the major cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, and GCP.

CSF certification underscores ClearDATA’s continuing commitment to meet and exceed the global healthcare industry’s stringent data privacy and security regulations, including HIPAA, GxP, and GDPR, providing the highest levels of protection against data breaches and malicious cybercrime.


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