Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Your complete first line of defense against the cyberthreats targeting healthcare, delivering continuous monitoring and threat management across all three major public clouds.

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As the healthcare industry rapidly adopts digital solutions, data security challenges become more prevalent. It’s not just about safeguarding data—it’s about ensuring patient trust and meeting stringent regulatory benchmarks.

ClearDATA’s Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service is designed exclusively for healthcare. We don’t just detect threats; we empower healthcare organizations with advanced technology, compliance expertise, and dedicated response services.

Ensuring Comprehensive Protection Across The Public Cloud

ClearDATA MDR provides robust cybersecurity, delivering continuous monitoring and threat management across AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud environments. Our primary mission? Serving as your complete first line of defense against the cyberthreats that impact healthcare.

The Four Components of Our MDR Service: Prepare, Detect, Respond, Recover

Our Managed Detection & Response is underpinned by rigorous processes, from Prepare where we ensure a smooth start, to Detect where our vigilant eyes watch over your systems, and Respond and Recover where we ensure threats are handled efficiently and lessons are learned.

An In-Depth Look at ClearDATA’s MDR Service Components

  • Prepare: Setting the Stage for Success
    • Onboarding: We’ll align our expectations, understand your cloud environment, advise on available XDR integrations, and establish primary contacts.
    • Endpoint Agent & Log Collector Deployment: Best-in-class technology gives us a comprehensive view of the threats facing your environment.
    • XDR Integration Configuration & Tuning: Personalized configuration and ongoing tuning based on your requirements and current cybersecurity trends.
  • Detect: Unmasking Cyber Threats
    • Threat Intelligence: Comprehensive data gathered from diverse, reliable sources.
    • Threat Detection: Proactive monitoring for potential security incidents.
    • Threat Hunting & Investigation: Proactive and reactive measures to identify and understand threats.
    • Customer Notifications: Immediate alerts when threats are or further input is required.
  • Respond: Addressing Threats Head-On
    • Automated Threat Response: Real-time actions for immediate threat containment.
    • Analyst Initiated Threat Response: Guided responses according to your preferences.
  • Recover: Taking Action Post-Incident
    • Remediation Guidance: We will assist you with actionable steps during recovery from incidents resulting from threats, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations.

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Choose Your Level of Protection with Two MDR Service Tiers

ClearDATA offers two service tiers tailored to our customers’ needs.

MDR Essentials

  • Prepare: Enable your environment to detect threats, perform initial assessments, and implement advanced security measures.
  • Detect: Gain continuous monitoring, threat hunting, and investigation capabilities for security alerts.

MDR Complete

  • Respond: Put immediate action and mitigation strategies in place to contain and neutralize threats.
  • Recover: Get actionable remediation guidance and accelerated incident recovery, reducing downtime significantly.

Additional Features

  • Supported Technology & Telemetry: Our MDR services are bolstered by a fully managed Extended Detection & Response (XDR) platform. Tailored integrations can further enhance threat detection and response capabilities.
  • Service Reporting: Stay informed with our regular reports, including:
    • Monthly Reports: Overview of threat detections, activities, and software vulnerabilities.
    • Threat Intelligence Reports: Deep dives into threat actors, vulnerabilities, and countermeasures.
  • Regular Service Reviews: We will conduct ongoing reviews to continually improve your cloud security posture by looking at trends and activities, as well as lessons learned from security events in your environment.
ClearDATA got us to market in the cloud months faster than we could have alone, and because we don’t have a robust internal IT department, ClearDATA protects us.”
David Edwards
North America Managing Director, Delegate LLC

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