Continuous Cloud Compliance

Our cloud security posture management (CSPM) managed services, powered by the CyberHeath™ Platform, enforce continuous healthcare cloud compliance.

See how we ensure healthcare cloud compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory standards and frameworks.

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In today’s complex cloud landscape, healthcare IT leaders have more to consider and safeguard than ever. How can you maintain compliance using native tools across diverse clouds? How do you adhere to ever-evolving healthcare industry compliance standards and regulations?

Meeting required healthcare compliance standards and being prepared for mandatory audits and reporting – all of it demands a high level of expertise and advanced technology. But choosing the right software and hiring a team of full-time compliance experts can burn through your budget and complicate your workflows.

At ClearDATA, we put it all together for you. Our cloud compliance managed services create true harmony between software and support. The CyberHealth™ Platform, together with our expert compliance engineers, protect, detect, and respond – so you don’t have to.

ClearDATA helps hundreds of healthcare organizations define and manage cloud workloads and processes according to the latest healthcare industry compliance standards, legislative regulations, and security standards including HIPAA, GDPR, HITRUST, NIST, CST and others.

With ClearDATA’s help, our engineering team now spends 20% or less of their time on security and compliance-related activities.

Stay Compliant in the Public Cloud

The power of ClearDATA’s industry-leading cloud security posture management (CSPM) software, the CyberHealth Platform, and our comprehensive managed compliance services – delivered by expert compliance engineers – keep your healthcare cloud continuously compliant with HIPAA HITRUST, NIST, ISO27001, and more common frameworks.

We assure compliance throughout every step of your developmental journey, from conceptualizing in the cloud to deploying in real-world scenarios. Here’s how we do it:

Prevent Non-Compliance

Compliance Assessments: Proactively spot unknown or escalating risks in your cloud environment.

Compliance Support: Compliance engineers apply a criticality score to your assessment findings and work closely with you to assess and understand risks, to resolve or assist with remediation, and to talk through any questions or issues. They also assist in the proactive design of new resources with a necessary compliance lens.

Continuous & Automated Safeguard Configuration: Always-on surveillance of your cloud infrastructure, even as new resources come online or undergo changes.

Healthcare Compliance Reference Architectures: Stay aligned with the best practices of HIPAA, HITRUST, and GDPR.

Library of Hardened Images: Access our hardened images configured to meet compliance standards in accordance with Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks. Deploy on a secure foundation, compatible with an extensive range of platforms from AlamLinx to AWS EKS. 

Detect PHI and Compliance Issues

Sensitive Data Governance: Ensure your Protected Health Information (PHI) stays secure and is only where it needs to be. Our systems detect PHI and provide you with resource remediations to verify and resolve potential vulnerabilities.

Risk Assessments & Visualizations: Gain clear insights into your organization’s compliance landscape. Agent-based vulnerability assessments perform fully credentialed scans of a virtual machine’s operating system and application vulnerabilities, and scan results are delivered to you in weekly reports.

Audit-Ready Report Generation: Prove your compliance posture and maintain a constant pulse on your organization’s compliance health, primed for inspections and oversight. ClearDATA compliance engineers can assist you with gathering evidence for audits, including HIPAA and HITRUST audit requests. 

Respond and Remediate Cloud Compliance Problems

Automated Enforcement & Remediation: Ensure your systems stay on track, automatically correcting any missteps along the way. Automatically act on and implement recommended configurations, apply patches, or disable insecure services.

Guided Remediation & Enforcement: When remediation is necessary, you have the flexibility to choose how you want to remediate with the help of our team. Compliance engineers regularly review your environment to identify potential resources that have drifted out of compliance and may not be suited for self-remediation. That’s when a compliance engineer is ready to complete a guided remediation in partnership with your team.

DevOps Assurance: Equip your developers to proactively spot and rectify security vulnerabilities.

Streamline Your HITRUST Inheritance

With our inheritance program, inherit the control posture of up to 60% of the HITRUST CSF Control Requirements, saving you time, resources, and costs associated with certification assessments.

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