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Read ClearDATA’s Sanjay Cherian in Forbes:
How Patients are Losing Control of their Data Amidst the Digital Healthcare Revolution

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ClearDATA is a rapidly growing top tier, VC-backed late-stage startup with a weakness for brilliant problem solvers. Bring your creativity to the table and join our engineers, marketers, customer success managers, security mavens and more.

You won’t just be writing code or taking calls—you’ll be solving for some of the biggest challenges in healthcare. You’ll be protecting the data of some of the largest and most innovative healthcare organizations as they take on an era of unprecedented change. You can help healthcare providers, health insurers, life sciences companies and digital health companies protect sensitive patient data for the long haul.

Search our open opportunities, and connect with us even if we don’t have the role you’re looking for today. In our dynamic environment, the right spot may become available tomorrow.

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ClearDATA is grounded in a trifecta of values that permeate everything we do—both internally and as a customer-facing organization. From our executives’ leadership to our strategic decisions and the frameworks we implement throughout our organization, our deliberate approach ensures that we all—at every level of the company—are equally bought in, valued and apprised of our collective direction.

  • Passion

    A strong sense of enthusiasm and drive

  • Innovation

    Introduction of a novel idea, method or device.

  • Transparency

    Open communication and operation without pretense

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10 Tips to Shrink Attack Surface by Prioritizing Digital Hygiene

ClearDATA’s founder and Chief Privacy & Security Officer Chris Bowen gives his take on digital threats associated with the pandemic and the risks and mitigation efforts.

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5 ways IT vendors put customers’ PHI at risk

Warning to technology vendors that service the healthcare industry: nearly half of serious data breaches occur in the healthcare sector and the majority are caused by a third party. There are five common ways technology vendors set themselves up – and their healthcare customers – for a data breach that could be catastrophic to patients’ privacy and the vendor’s reputation.

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