The ClearDATA CyberHealth Platform is the first comprehensive CSPM solution created exclusively for the healthcare industry, built to secure healthcare data across cloud-native environments


AUSTIN, Texas (October 9, 2023) — ClearDATA®, healthcare’s only comprehensive provider of cloud, compliance, and security services and software, today announced that its healthcare-native cloud security posture management (CSPM) solution, the CyberHealth™ Platform, as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. The company is also augmenting its portfolio with services and support options that address customers’ needs according to their cloud maturity, as well as their compliance and security expertise.

With the increasing adoption of the public cloud in healthcare, organizations are collecting and storing larger volumes of data than ever, including sensitive and confidential protected health information (PHI). Now, in the face of unrelenting cybersecurity threats and increasing regulatory requirements, healthcare organizations need comprehensive CSPM solutions to manage and protect their cloud and data environments—ensuring their security, compliance and resilience against cyber risks.

Backed by ClearDATA’s longstanding expertise in protecting healthcare companies’ sensitive data, the CyberHealth Platform is an intelligent, complete, secure solution, purpose-built for the unique needs of healthcare organizations.

Whether healthcare companies choose to deploy the ClearDATA CyberHealth Platform as standalone CSPM software or leverage it along with the company’s complementary Managed Compliance, Managed Detection & Response (MDR), and Cloud Operations services, they can now choose the path that best suits their budget and resources. The CyberHealth Platform helps customers understand and actively improve their compliance, security, and privacy posture across public cloud infrastructures, ensuring adherence with stringent regulatory frameworks including HIPAA, HITRUST, GDPR, SOC 2 and ISO27001.

The platform supports all three major public clouds: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure (Azure), Microsoft 365, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

“The attack surface of cloud-native applications is increasing, with vulnerabilities across cloud infrastructure, APIs and the software supply chains at risk of being exploited,” said Jim Ducharme, Chief Technology Officer at ClearDATA. “As healthcare modernizes and migrates to the cloud, ClearDATA meets companies wherever they are in their cloud journey, now offering both a comprehensive SaaS CSPM platform or the platform together with managed services to provide the best-fit solution for every stage of cloud maturity. The ClearDATA CyberHealth Platform provides the highest level of cloud protection for healthcare organizations, precisely because it was built to serve the unique needs and challenges of healthcare organizations.”

CyberHealth Platform capabilities and benefits

With the ClearDATA CyberHealth Platform, healthcare customers can continuously manage security posture through prevention, detection, and response to cloud infrastructure risks. And now, it includes new capabilities that make it easier to protect PHI in the public cloud:

  • Sensitive data governance helps ensure PHI is secure where it is supposed to be and identifies potential PHI where it shouldn’t be.
  • Continuous compliance through hundreds of safeguards that are evaluated on a continuous basis through periodic cloud infrastructure scans, as well as automatically when new cloud resources are deployed or changed.
  • Compliance assessments identify unknown or increased risk across an organization’s cloud environment, including services for compute, storage, identity, and access.
  • Guided and automated remediation prevents configuration drift, corrects misconfigurations, and decreases attack surface exposure—reducing remediation time.
  • Risk assessment and visualization helps organizations see what is or is not in compliance with industry regulations and best practices.
  • DevOps assurance allows developers to seamlessly identify and remediate security risks as they build and maintain systems and deploy infrastructure as code.
  • Compliance enforcement allows organizations to automatically act on and implement recommended configurations, apply patches, or disable insecure services.
  • Audit-ready report generation offers comprehensive data on an organization’s compliance status for regulatory audits and compliance monitoring.

Find more on the full capabilities of the CyberHealth Platform here.

“When data is in the cloud, hospitals can provide better services, pharmaceutical companies can manufacture better medicines, and physicians can provide better care. Good data can save lives and is one of the most valuable and most vulnerable assets in healthcare,” said Rick Froehlich, Chief Executive Officer at ClearDATA. “ClearDATA’s solutions ensure data is readily accessible and completely secure, so healthcare organizations can confidently and successfully modernize their healthcare delivery—without sacrificing the security of their patients.”

In addition to offering the CyberHealth Platform, ClearDATA provides important services and support to help clients secure data, track and remediate threats, and ensure the integrity of sensitive data within their tech ecosystem.

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About ClearDATA

ClearDATA is the only provider of cloud security and compliance software and services purpose-built for healthcare, enabled by the powerful CyberHealth™ Platform. Our cloud security posture management (CSPM) solutions offer full visibility, protection, automation, remediation, and enforcement of security and compliance measures to protect PHI and other sensitive healthcare data in the public cloud. To learn more about our expert teams, managed and professional services, and self-service platform, visit 


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