ClearDATA can configure and support Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare services including Azure Healthcare APIs, AI, and IoT and Synapse Analytics with configurable automated or manual safeguards that allow payors, providers and life science companies enhance patient engagement, improve health data insights, protect health information and drive innovation.

Azure Healthcare APIs

With our help, your organization can securely input data into Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR), allowing it to be easily searched and shared or managed with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Azure AI and Machine Learning Services

Deliver better health outcomes with personalized care and intelligent systems powered by proven and highly secure AI.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Create secure health data monitoring solutions for patients and simplify routine tasks.

Azure IoT

Streamline clinical operations, improve patient outcomes, and optimize your manufacturing and supply chain with seamless, intelligent and secure technology.

It takes a village. See if ClearDATA’s platform approach to operationalizing privacy and security will benefit your healthcare initiatives.

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Partnered with Microsoft Azure to set healthcare up for success.

Azure Case Study
Azure Case Study
Interlace Health
Allison Reichenbach
President Interlace Health
“Privacy, security and compliance are paramount priorities for Interlace Health and our customers. By partnering with ClearDATA and Azure, we have employed the most rigorous tools and managed defense available to ensure our providers and their patients that sensitive healthcare data is protected in the cloud.”
Aaron Gani
Founder & CEO BehaVR
“ClearDATA brings a lot to the table in terms of structure and process [that] lets us continue to leverage the latest technologies like VR and machine learning in order to improve behavioral health and help make an impact in people’s lives today.”

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