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Healthcare Security & Compliance: Request a Demo

Request a demo of our healthcare security and compliance solutions, including real-time compliance status insights, HIPAA security risk assessments, sensitive data masking, and PHI tracking.

  • ClearDATA Comply™ enforces compliance and provides real-time reporting to prove your status
  • ClearDATA Assess® transforms the traditional security risk assessment (SRA) service by providing customers with a software front end to make the process more efficient and manageable
  • ClearDATA Locate® leverages machine learning and natural language processing technology to help forward-thinking healthcare organizations find, manage and use data that contains PHI / PII

Our responsive platform is backed by a purposeful, negotiated BAA to best mitigate your risk and protect your organization while supporting your unique rapidly changing workloads and variable demand.

Request a demo to learn about the solutions and services within the ClearDATA Healthcare Security and Compliance Platform™.



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