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Your company’s mission is to modernize healthcare using technology. As you develop your products, apps, and services, you generate vast amounts of sensitive data, including patient records, diagnostic information, medical imaging, and more.

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Because your business operates in the public cloud, ensuring Protected Health Information (PHI) remains private and secure must be top-of-mind. At a time when healthcare breaches are reaching record levels and regulatory requirements continue to evolve, your buyers must be assured that their data will remain safe and their organization compliant. Whether your prospects are in the provider, payer, or life sciences markets, you need to be sure compliance and security are at the core of your solutions.

But you didn’t start your business to become a compliance or security expert; you need to be able to innovate and grow without devoting significant budget and resources to managing your PHI in the Cloud.

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When Santéch, a SaaS company for healthcare, needed a fully HIPAA-compliant cloud offering, they turned to ClearDATA.

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