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The CyberHealth™ Platform is healthcare cloud security posture management (CSPM) software that prevents, detects, and remediates compliance drift and sensitive data security gaps.

Find out why you need a CSPM made for healthcare security and compliance in the cloud.

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In healthcare, innovating in the cloud is a necessity. Doing it safely is hard.

Protecting PHI means protecting patients – and your organization – from any possible threat that could compromise data in the cloud, including cyber attacks and non-compliance with constantly evolving regulatory standards. That kind of security and protection demands advanced technology purpose-built for healthcare. Any generic cloud software simply won’t do.

You need a healthcare cspm solution that reduces your risk of data breaches, improves your compliance posture, streamlines your business processes, and generates audit-ready reporting for internal monitoring or regulatory compliance, HIPAA, HITRUST, GDPR, and other external audits. You need a tool that helps you innovate quickly but safely in the public cloud – with simple UI and user-based access to reports, compliance assessments, and hundreds of safeguards.

If you’re wondering: “How can I do all that without hiring lots of full-time experts?” The answer is simple: The CyberHealth™ Platform. With continuously visible cloud resources, healthcare-focused cloud security posture management (CSPM), and assisted remediation to mitigate risk, it’s the game-changing software you need to remain secure and compliant in the public cloud.

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The Only CSPM Software Purpose-Built for Healthcare

The ClearDATA CyberHealth Platform, the first and only healthcare CSPM, is trusted by healthcare technology, provider, and payer organizations to prevent, detect, and remediate compliance drift and sensitive data security gaps in public cloud environments to meet HIPAA and other regulatory frameworks.

Available as software only or with managed services, and on all three public clouds – AWS, Azure, and GCP – the CyberHealth Platform secures and protects PHI and remediates misconfigurations before they can compromise your data.

The platform is powered by our Policy-as-Code Engine that integrates hundreds of safeguards, which are dynamically and continuously updated as regulations change. It automates critical remediations for your environment to ensure your cloud aligns with standards and regulations like HIPAA, HITRUST, and GDPR, keeping your cloud infrastructure and data safe from healthcare’s biggest security threats.

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Here’s how we do it:

Compliance Assessments & Safeguards
Our compliance assessments and safeguards are designed for continuous compliance. Its built to uncover unknown or high-risk issues across your cloud environment. The CyberHealth Platform meticulously maps hundreds of industry-standard and healthcare-centric safeguards to common healthcare frameworks. Our technology is proactive, conducting regular scans of your cloud infrastructure and initiating immediate assessments upon new deployments. We help you meet and exceed industry standards, maintain patient trust, and focus on delivering quality care without worrying about data security.

Integrated with 200+ infrastructure safeguards across cloud environments.

Sensitive Data Governance
Ensure PHI is secure and where it’s supposed to be, and detect it anywhere it shouldn’t be – before a problem arises. Our approach goes beyond standard measures – it’s tailored to healthcare and laser-focused on PHI and other sensitive data that require a highly secure and compliant cloud environment. Within the CyberHealth Platform, your environments are analyzed against the strictest healthcare-centric frameworks to identify PHI and other sensitive data. With our at-a-glance indicators, you can immediately spot problem areas, providing you with a real-time overview of your data landscape.

The CyberHealth Platform includes sensitive data governance with PHI discovery
The CyberHealth Platform automatically flags PHI in areas it shouldn’t be, mitigating costly compliance risks.

Guided & Automated Remediation
The CyberHealth Platform swiftly identifies and rectifies cloud misconfigurations, a critical step in securing your digital infrastructure. Guided remediation offers contextual visibility, risk analytics, and step-by-step measures to resolve security risks, significantly reducing manual intervention and ensuring precise issue resolution. This approach empowers your team with actionable insights and clear direction in managing complex cloud environments. Automated remediation proactively detects, analyzes, and resolves problems, automatically generating prescriptive steps for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, providing a seamless, hands-off approach to maintaining cloud security and compliance.

Audit-Ready Report Generation
Gain complete control and a clear understanding of your compliance status. The CyberHealth Platform gives you both a macro overview and micro insights into your organization’s adherence to compliance standards. Internal monitoring enables you to proactively spot potential vulnerabilities and make necessary adjustments before they escalate into significant issues. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also fosters a culture of continuous compliance within your organization. Regulatory audit reporting generates well-structured, detailed reports that align with industry standards and regulatory frameworks, effectively reducing the time, effort, and stress associated with audit readiness.

By offering rich, actionable insights, it empowers you to make data-driven decisions that enhance security, improve service delivery, and ultimately drive business growth. Plus, with automatic report generation, you can free your team from time-consuming manual data compilation, allowing them to focus on strategic tasks that contribute to your bottom line.

Quickly generate internal or regulatory audit reports within the platform.

DevOps Assurance
Identify and remediate security risks as systems are built and maintained. The CyberHealth Platform is grounded in the principle of ‘security by design,’ integrating security considerations from the earliest stages of system development. This proactive approach helps to identify potential vulnerabilities before they become threats, and allows for timely remediation to ensure the integrity and reliability of your systems.

DevOps is a continuous process, and so our assurance model extends beyond initial deployment. The CyberHealth Platform provides ongoing risk identification and remediation, supporting the evolution of your systems while ensuring they remain secure. We foster collaboration between development and operations teams, promoting a culture of shared responsibility for security. What’s more, by integrating quality assurance into every step of the DevOps lifecycle, we help to accelerate delivery times, enhance product quality, and ultimately drive business growth.

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