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We understand that you have unique needs, depending on your cloud maturity, budget, and in-house expertise. That’s why we have designed offerings with a range of capabilities, all featuring the CyberHealth™ Platform, the only cloud security posture management (CSPM) platform purpose-built for healthcare.

Choose the CyberHealth Platform as your software-only SaaS solution or combine it with our managed services, including Managed Compliance, Managed Detection & Response (MDR), and Managed Operations to protect the PHI and other sensitive data in your public cloud environments.

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CyberHealth™ Platform

Our SaaS CSPM solution continuously manages security posture through prevention, detection, and response to cloud infrastructure risks. It also includes capabilities that make it easier to protect PHI in the public cloud. Add on MDR services to proactively defend against cyber threats.


In addition to the CyberHealth Platform, the Advanced package includes Managed Compliance and Managed Operation services to help you identify configuration risks to your compliance and guidance on remediation actions. Engineers will provide support and troubleshooting during business hours.


The Premium package offers everything you need to fully manage your environments for complete compliance and security. Building on the services in the Advanced package, Premium offers 24×7 hands-on implementation, configuration, and detection services so you remain in compliance at all times.

We'll help you choose the right plan for your business.

Learn more about the CyberHealth Platform, ClearDATA Advanced, and ClearDATA Premium and discuss which is right for you.

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ClearDATA Sofware & Services

Category Offering Description ClearDATA CyberHealth™ Platform ClearDATA Advanced ClearDATA Premium
CSPM CyberHealth™ Platform The ClearDATA CyberHealth Platform prevents, detects, and remediates compliance drift and sensitive data security gaps in public cloud environments to meet HIPAA and other regulatory frameworks. ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Platform Setup Fee – Year 1 Only One-time professional services engagement to install the platform and configure it to your environment. ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Software Support & Troubleshooting Support and troubleshooting for the CyberHealth Platform during business hours, and access to the knowledge base and documentation, including tutorials and FAQs. ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Managed Compliance Managed Compliance Leveraging the CyberHealth Platform, ClearDATA will work with you to identify compliance issues, advise you on the proper configurations for compliance, and provide documentation on required remediations and automated safeguards. In addition, Managed Compliance includes triage, remediation, and help with Compliance Score improvement by the ClearDATA team. ✔️ ✔️
Hardened Images ClearDATA offers a library for you to build secure and compliant services and applications within common operating systems and platforms across AWS, Azure, and GCP that conform to CIS level 2 benchmarks. ✔️ ✔️
Cloud Operations Managed Cloud Operations 24×7 proactive oversight and administration support for all 200+ services on each public cloud, to ensure they adhere to established regulations, standards, and best practices. ✔️
Security MDR Basics A solid foundation for cloud security, powered by our managed XDR platform’s comprehensive data analysis. Our team monitors server security logs, cloud activity logs, and identifies endpoint vulnerabilities to protect your infrastructure from threats like malware, ransomware, and credential attacks. Support for native security services like AWS GuardDuty, Cloud Defender, and Security Command Center offer built-in protection for your IaaS and PaaS deployments. ✔️

Available ClearDATA Add-On Services

Category Offering Description ClearDATA CyberHealth™ Platform ClearDATA Advanced ClearDATA Premium
Security Services MDR Essentials Deeper insights and protection from threats targeting cloud-hosted applications.
Leverage machine learning and the XDR platform advanced analytics to monitor
internet-facing applications logs, and analyze all file, process, and network activity
for enhanced detection in server environments. The ClearDATA team also
customizes threat detection based on specific cloud environments, including
Kubernetes and other deployments—ensuring you stay ahead of evolving threats.
Available Available
MDR Complete MDR Complete goes one step further—delivering the ultimate security experience, combining XDR’s power with rapid response and expert guidance. The ClearDATA team monitors cloud storage access logs, orchestrates malware protection for your cloud storage, and manages custom threat detection rules tailored to your unique IaaS and PaaS deployments. Available Available
Managed Compliance HITRUST Inheritance ClearDATA works with you to accelerate HITRUST certification assessments using ClearDATA’s Compliance Score, optimizing cyber risk management, delivering greater control in public cloud environments. Available
Cloud Operations Managed Observability ClearDATA team uses advanced monitoring tools to detect, analyze, and respond to system metrics, logs, and traces to provide you with a comprehensive view of your cloud environments. Available Available
Professional Services Cloud Modernization Consulting services built on deep practical expertise to empower your cloud journey with strategy, automation, and architecture. Key outcomes may include documentation and clarity around current state and needs/direction, a design and implementation roadmap, efficient development and risk management, and a fully implemented solution with operational enablement and training. Available Available Available
Data Reporting & Analytics Providing a full suite of data strategies and implementations to help customers securely derive value from their data assets. Key outcomes may include data, analytics and disaster recovery assessments, phased implementation roadmaps with updated data architecture, a governance model and operational blueprint, data and analytics runbooks, training, workshops, and implementation of new initiatives. Available Available Available
Staff Augmentation As you grow in the cloud, ensure your business remains secure and compliant, is armed to combat existing threats, and is prepared to stop what’s to come—by experts exclusive to the Healthcare IT industry. Key outcomes may include creation, deployment and management of DevOps platforms, and infrastructure as code, database maintenance monitoring and management, custom staff augmentation, and training and enablement. Available Available Available