HLTH 2023: The Biggest Healthcare Tech Topics Discussed at the Conference

Now that HLTH 2023 in Las Vegas has come to a close, we can’t stop thinking about the sessions and everything we’ve learned from top healthcare companies and experts. HLTH maintained its focus on rapid change and digital transformation across the healthcare industry, with a huge emphasis on AI and emerging tech trends. HLTH offered thought-provoking insights into healthcare technologies and innovation, including growing trends and the latest tools and strategies to improve digital and provider patient care.

Here are the biggest HLTH 2023 topics that could impact the future of healthcare:

  1. Generative AI’s Role in Health: It’s not surprising that HLTH’s biggest topic of the year was generative AI. The technology has exploded, and is used for everything in healthcare innovation, from creating new drugs to treat patients or prevent diseases to editing genes in the lab. At HLTH 2023, the focus on the use of generative AI in healthcare included enhancing patient outcomes by recognizing invisible patterns that are not immediately noticeable to the human eye. Generative AI can analyze patient data to predict potential diagnoses or outcomes, providing new insights for clinicians. Google Health also took the stage to talk about using generative AI boldly, but responsibly.
  2. The Rise of Digital Therapeutics: Another emerging trend discussed at the conference was Digital Therapeutics, which are mobile and web-based interventions designed to prevent, treat, or manage medical conditions. This trend could have a significant impact on reducing healthcare costs and improving patient outcomes. Additionally, many digital technologies focused on health tech to support aging populations, including remote patient monitoring, physical therapy home exercise, and wearable tech that can assess heart failure exacerbations. The influx of digital innovation to support patients and improve their well-being remotely continues to accelerate.
  3. Blockchain’s Potential to Disrupt Healthcare: Blockchain technology was one of the hot topics at HLTH 2023. Blockchain has the potential to streamline healthcare operations by enabling secure, decentralized information sharing. It can be used to store medical records securely, prevent fraud, and enhance clinical trials. Blockchain could also disrupt the healthcare industry by creating new business models, such as the incentivization of healthier lifestyles.
  4. The Role of Big Tech in Healthcare: Big Tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft were significant players at HLTH 2023. They debuted new health-focused products and services that are poised to transform the industry. For instance, Google’s Health Studies app leverages machine learning to gather data on public health problems, while Amazon has launched a telehealth platform. Their entry into the space could bring significant changes to the healthcare industry in terms of resource allocation and patient experience.
  5. The Need to Prioritize Mental Health: The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of mental health, and HLTH 2023 was no exception. Speakers at the conference talked about the need to prioritize mental health care and reduce the stigma surrounding it. Teletherapy, mental health apps, and other digital technologies were discussed as tools to increase access to mental health resources. There was an emphasis on the role of technology in giving patients control, for instance, through self-care or wellness apps.

The conference provided insights into emerging technologies, innovative ideas, and strategies that could improve patient care tremendously. By embracing these technologies and ideas, we might realize a future where healthcare is more accessible, personalized, and effective than ever before.

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