CyberHealth™ Platform: Now Available as a SaaS Offering with New Packages

The roadblocks healthcare cloud compliance and security teams face today are mounting. Limited resources, hiring challenges, lack of in-house healthcare expertise, and an ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats and regulations create complications and can lead to security and compliance gaps. They add up to risks that IT, security, and compliance leaders managing PHI and other healthcare data in the public cloud simply can’t afford to take.

As a healthcare leader, when (and if) you’re able to find a cloud vendor that deeply understands healthcare security and compliance, it’s hard to find much flexibility within their cloud software packages. That’s where our CyberHealth™ Platform comes in.

Now available as both software-only or with managed services, the CyberHealth Platform addresses resource constraints by offering a scalable solution that grows with your organization. Healthcare organizations of all sizes, at different stages of cloud maturity, and with varying budgets and hiring concerns can now choose their best-fit solution with our CyberHealth Platform. See our new plans and packages.

With the CyberHealth Platform, you can continuously manage security posture and mitigate cloud infrastructure risks to protect your patients’ data as well as your organizational reputation. It’s built to prevent, detect, and remediate compliance drift and sensitive data security gaps in the public cloud to meet HIPAA and other regulatory frameworks.

Before you pick the right package for your organization, take a look under the hood. Here’s a deeper look at the platform’s benefits.

CyberHealth Platform Features

PreventionCompliance Assessments
Spot unknown or high-risk issues across your cloud environment.
Infrastructure Safeguards
Hundreds of industry-standard and healthcare safeguards scan regularly and upon new deployments.
Comprehensive Visibility
Get an overall view of your security and posture and visualize vulnerabilities before they become liabilities
DetectionSensitive Data Governance Ensure PHI is secure and where it’s supposed to be, and detected anywhere it shouldn’t.Risk Assessment
See real time visualizations showing what is -and isn’t – in compliance with common healthcare regulations, standards, and best practices deployments.
Audit Ready Report Generation
Get comprehensive data on your compliance status for internal monitoring or regulatory audits.
Guided and automated remediation for correcting cloud misconfigurations, decreasing attack surface exposure, and reducing remediation time.  
DevOps Assurance
Identify and remediate security risks as systems are built and maintained.  
Compliance Enforcement Automatically act on and implement recommended configuration, apply patches, or disable insecure services.

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