Do You Need An AWS Well-Architected Framework Review?

Every healthcare provider leveraging the cloud aspires for a robust, secure, and efficient infrastructure. But how can you be sure your AWS infrastructure checks all the boxes? Enter the AWS Well-Architected Framework Review – a comprehensive assessment tool tailored for healthcare providers.

Understanding the AWS Well-Architected Framework Review

For customers fresh to Amazon Web Services (AWS), ClearDATA offers an in-depth evaluation of infrastructure against AWS’s best practices with its AWS Well-Architected Framework Review. It isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about ensuring your cloud ecosystem is primed for operational success and patient data security.

The Six Pillars of AWS Well-Architected

The review is structured around the six key pillars that AWS considers pivotal for a holistic cloud architecture:

  1. Operational Excellence: Implement and run systems that are efficient and scalable.
  2. Security: Safeguard and protect data, systems, and assets.
  3. Reliability: Ensure that applications and services run consistently and recover from failures.
  4. Performance Efficiency: Efficiently use resources and evolve with changing needs.
  5. Cost Optimization: Avoid unnecessary costs and get value from your AWS usage.
  6. Sustainability: Promote environment-friendly practices without compromising efficiency.

Why Get a Review?

The answer lies in the unique challenges faced by healthcare providers.

  • Specialized Healthcare Focus: With a partner that understands the nuances of healthcare infrastructure, you get a review that’s not just aligned with AWS’s best practices but also in compliance with healthcare regulations and standards.
  • High-Risk Issue Identification: The review is adept at pinpointing high-risk issues that could jeopardize the security, resilience, and efficiency of your environment. These aren’t just general risk factors; they’re tailored to the challenges faced by healthcare providers.
  • Actionable Recommendations: Post-review, you won’t be left with just a list of issues. Our review ensures you have a roadmap of actionable optimization measures. This hands-on approach ensures your cloud infrastructure remains scalable and available as your business grows.

Schedule Your AWS Well-Architected Framework Review

Migrating to the cloud is a significant step, and ensuring that your cloud environment remains optimized, secure, and efficient is an ongoing journey. With ClearDATA’s AWS Well-Architected Framework Review, healthcare providers can be confident in their AWS infrastructure’s ability to support their mission-critical operations and ensure patient data security.

Stay ahead of the curve. Ensure that your AWS infrastructure not only meets but exceeds best practices. Schedule your AWS Well-Architected Framework Review and explore all of our Professional Services offerings today.

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