Policy-as-Code™: Springing Compliance Frameworks into Action

Healthcare faces many unique challenges when it comes to privacy, security, and compliance. For starters, the industry is highly sought after by bad actors due to the rich value of sensitive patient data that goes for as much as $1,000 on the dark web in comparison to the one-dollar value of a social security number. The industry leads in the cost of a breach with an average of $9.42 million per incident and is one of the most regulated industries with hundreds of different privacy, security, and compliance standards and risks. Interpreting and complying with this complex regulatory environment is very labor-intensive and requires in-depth expertise.

Policy-as-Code Engine Helps Healthcare Keep Up with Changes to Privacy & Security

To address these challenges, our healthcare-exclusive privacy, security, and compliance experts have spent years turning policy into code. They take thousands of lines of healthcare privacy legislation and regulations, and risk and security standards, and then translate them into hundreds of technical controls and reference architectures for the three major public cloud providers. Some examples of regulatory and security frameworks incorporated in our Policy-as-Code engine include:

  • Privacy Legislations and Regulations – HIPAA, GDPR, GxP, SCHREMS II, AICPA, PIPEDA, as well as state privacy laws, AsiaPac, and Canada requirements.
  • Security and Risk Standards – NIST CSF, NIST SP 800-53, HITRUST CSF, CIS, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, ISO 31000, ISO 13458, and SOC 2 Type II.

We also continuously update this Policy-as-Code engine with aggregated data from healthcare regulatory enforcement actions issued by the Office for Civil Rights and state Attorneys General, along with insurance settlements related to security events mapped to the code. We power the engine with real threat data from our experience in managing the cloud environments for and working with more than 200 healthcare organizations across the entire healthcare ecosystem, including providers, health IT companies, insurance and payer organizations, and pharma/life sciences.

The Policy-as-Code Engine enables far superior healthcare-specific automation, remediation, and protection, significantly reducing our clients’ time and costs on interpreting, updating, and codifying evolving security risks and standards.

Policy-as-Code Engine Helps Healthcare Keep Up with Changes Made by Cloud Platforms

Cloud services are constantly evolving, sometimes adding hundreds of updates and new services every month. Keeping up with these ongoing changes is very comprehensive, and many healthcare organizations do not have the resources for it. An alternative to exhausting your resources is ClearDATA’s CyberHealth Platform.™ It is powered by our Policy-as-Code engine that constantly incorporates cloud updates from the three major cloud platforms and ensures proper configuration for various cloud services to protect sensitive healthcare data.

Additionally, it addresses HIPAA compliance. Just because the three platforms offer services doesn’t necessarily mean it’s meeting HIPAA compliance requirements. You must know how to integrate each service precisely to enable usability, confidentiality, accessibility, and interoperability, which isn’t most healthcare organizations’ area of expertise. Leave it to our healthcare-exclusive experts at ClearDATA to design and manage your cloud environment for efficiency, scalability, flexibility, security, and compliance. It will save you valuable resources, protect sensitive patient data, and support your digital transformation.

Healthcare Is Different. You Need an Expert.

The CyberHealth Platform is powered by our unique Policy-as-Code and driven by our commitment to making healthcare work better – every single day.

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