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How Patients are Losing Control of their Data Amidst the Digital Healthcare Revolution

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Healthcare Cloud Platform and Services

ClearDATA removes the guesswork for healthcare organizations who want to adopt modern cloud technologies—fast. Now you can boldly innovate, confident that your sensitive data is private, secure and compliant from design throughout runtime.

Powered by the Healthcare Policy-as-Code Engine

Raising the standard with the CyberHealth platform

We help you integrate privacy, security and compliance practices from design throughout the application’s lifecycle. Our platform and services provide a seamless, cooperative and efficient mode for your healthcare organization to operationalize your risk management program and confidently accelerate your IT initiatives and business objectives.

Automate security and compliance

  • Our CyberHealth platform automatically configures controls to continually protect, monitor and remediate noncompliant activity

  • Proprietary reference architectures—mapped to HIPAA, HITRUST and GDPR—integrate the highest security standards

  • Real-time dashboards audit compliance status, giving full control even at the application level

Inventory, identify and visualize sensitive data

  • IAM visualization mapping offers intuitive analysis on permissions risks

  • Automated safeguards enforce Modern Workplace and Active Directory compliance

  • Healthcare data classification allows for discovery and inventory of sensitive data

Continually assess and manage risk

  • PHI detection and location allows for a roadmap to assess risk, manage access and harness the value of latent data

  • In-depth reporting and remediation planning clears the path to HIPAA compliance

  • Proprietary algorithms assess your environment’s risk profile so you can prioritize resources

A trifecta of
powerful services

  • Managed Defense

    Healthcare is the most targeted industry for security breaches. We protect healthcare data in the cloud while minimizing false positives and decreasing response times.

  • Cloud Operations

    Privacy and compliance needs can change quickly in healthcare. We help you prevent, detect and remediate compliance drift and sensitive data security gaps.

  • Cloud Transformation Services

    Compliance and innovation don’t have to be in opposition. We help you integrate privacy and security controls quickly—so you can innovate at the speed of healthcare.

Standards and regulations

Data privacy laws dictate what must be protected. We’re here to show you how to protect it in the cloud.






NIST 800-53







ISO 27001

Supported environments
and partnerships

Accelerate your cloud innovation without compromising on privacy, security and compliance.

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