Accelerate Your HITRUST Certification Process by Partnering with ClearDATA

The HITRUST CSF is the most widely-adopted security framework in the industry. The certification helps ensure ongoing compliance, as well as agility when new regulations and security risks are introduced. HITRUST certification is well known in the healthcare space and some organizations require the certification from any third-party vendor. Achieving a HITRUST certification on your own takes time and careful planning in order to show proof of the hundreds of controls that might need to be put in place.

As a HITRUST certified organization, ClearDATA can help you accelerate your certification process through our HITRUST Inheritance Program, which allows you to inherit certain controls based upon your work with us as a customer.

HITRUST Inheritance Overview

ClearDATA customers leveraging the ClearDATA cloud platform are eligible to participate in the HITRUST Inheritance program. This program enables ClearDATA to make their relevant assessment scores available for inheritance into any organization’s assessment.

The ClearDATA HITRUST Inheritance Program will:

  • Simplify the process and reduce the effort for hosting and service organization customers
  • Reduce the required testing and associated costs for inherited controls
  • Gain awareness of service providers' services to those undergoing CSF Assessments
  • Reduce testing required to get a HITRUST CSF Validated assessment
  • Reduce data entry associated with HITRUST CSF Validation of applications already hosted in a HITRUST CSF Validated environment
  • Provide granular inheritance of control requirement scores
  • Indicate Service Provider’s focus on security

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