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As a healthcare leader, you don’t have time to struggle with inefficient healthcare data and cloud operations. You need the right tools and resources to keep PHI data secure and compliant.

That’s why ClearDATA offers a free Healthcare Cloud Checkup, powered by our cloud security posture management (CSPM) software, the CyberHealth™ Platform, and our team of highly trained experts. A $5,000 value, our free comprehensive checkup assesses your cloud environment to identify and remediate specific compliance and configuration risks.

You’ll receive a tailored Cloud Risk Report that establishes a baseline assessment of your risk levels in accordance with standards such as HIPAA, HITRUST, NIST, and ISO27001. It also highlights prioritized areas of risk, such as misconfigurations, and their potential impact.

Then, our team of cloud and compliance engineers provide, at no cost, expert guidance on how to address the identified risks.

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The Process

Our Healthcare Cloud Checkup follows these steps over a two-week period:

  1. Kickoff: We start with an initial engagement meeting where we set up IAM permissions, validate your cloud environmental data, and outline the next steps.
  2. Discover: Using the ClearDATA CyberHealth™ Platform, we comprehensively identify all risks within your cloud environment, prioritizing them based on importance.
  3. Evaluate: Our team of compliance and risk experts at ClearDATA internally review all the discoveries and findings, and create your personalized Cloud Risk Report.
  4. Review: We guide you through your Cloud Risk Report, providing a comprehensive analysis of your environment using the CyberHealth Platform in a live session with your team.

Cloud Risk Report Snapshot

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