Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Cloud Security Solutions

The insights derived from securely shared health data are the key to speeding time to market and potentially improving population health trend responses. All of that is possible by harnessing the public cloud for your data initiatives, while minimizing risk with ClearDATA’s comprehensive CyberHealth™ privacy and security platform and services.

Accelerate your cloud initiatives with confidence

ClearDATA is always on—our automation and healthcare managed cloud teams work to keep sensitive health data private and secure, from design time through run time. We create a foundation so you can:

Use advanced analytics to rapidly derive insights

AI text analysis, natural language processing and machine learning can help you quickly pull insights out of massive amounts of disparate data.

Improve clinical trials

Share data from multiple trial sites and use data masking, machine learning algorithms and modeling to create better trials with faster results.

Speed up drug discovery

Collect, process, visualize and analyze data quickly, saving valuable R&D time. Use computational drug discovery to further speed development.

Bolster the supply chain

Interoperability can bring disparate systems together so everyone along the supply chain has access to the same data.

The ClearDATA CyberHealth platform and services are your accelerator. We operationalize privacy and security—protecting your data so you can bring your products to market quickly.

Leverage our platform and services to make the most of your data, knowing it

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