Protected data. Continuous compliance.

Managed Compliance for Healthcare

Integrate privacy, security and compliance from the beginning of design throughout the lifecycle of your application.

See how we keep your healthcare cloud continuously compliant with HIPAA and other regulatory standards and frameworks.
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Managed compliance services

Start secure and compliant
and stay that way

Proceed with confidence in your cloud compliance and protection, knowing ClearDATA is always on. Our CyberHealth™ platform and services work on your behalf to keep sensitive health data private, secure and continuously compliant so you can:

Start off on the right foot

Our Healthcare Policy-as-Code™ Engine integrates complex regulatory and compliance frameworks with technical controls to ensure configurations are right the first time.

Gain oversight of cloud use

Visualize how the organization is using the cloud, even in applications created without your involvement, and ensure everyone is following privacy, security and compliance protocols.

Continuously prevent vulnerabilities

Use both proactive configuration and ongoing remediation to mitigate risks and eliminate vulnerabilities that could lead to security incidents and breaches. Keep up with internal and external resources being used to understand your vulnerabilities and address areas of highest risk.

Remain compliant with automatic remediation

In the case of compliance drift as developers work in their live environment, ClearDATA’s automatic remediation steps in and resolves it. This 24/7 automation frees your engineering team to focus on what matters for your organization—without inadvertently introducing risk.

Prove your compliance posture

Automate or create reports for auditable proof of security and compliance status and scoring. Your multi-cloud compliance and risk dashboards provide an intuitive, real-time view of your score through a single pane of glass, along with trend analysis of your status over time.

ClearDATA integrates privacy, security and compliance from day one—so you can engage in meaningful development, confident that your data and your organization are protected.

Operationalize the security of your development ops throughout the lifecycle of your application.

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