At ClearDATA, we understand the unique challenges and complexities of healthcare data. Our software and services are designed to tackle your specific needs.

Solutions by Market

Healthcare Software & Services

We provide innovative cloud-based solutions to streamline operations, enhance security, and ensure compliance for healthcare software and service providers.

Medical Devices & Equipment

Our solutions help medical device and equipment providers to securely manage data, optimize performance, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Healthcare Providers

For healthcare providers, we deliver comprehensive solutions that aid in risk visualization, threat detection, and cost-performance optimization while ensuring patient privacy.

Healthcare Payers

Our services for healthcare payers focus on enhancing data security, improving cost-efficiency, and maintaining strict adherence to regulatory standards.

Healthcare Cloud Solutions by Topic

Risk Visualization & Prioritization

Our solutions provide a clear view of potential risks and help prioritize them based on their severity and impact.

Threat Detection & Protection

We offer advanced threat detection and protection services to safeguard sensitive healthcare data from cyber threats.

Cost & Performance Optimization

Our solutions are designed to maximize efficiency and minimize costs, without compromising on security and compliance.

Healthcare Cloud Compliance

We help healthcare organizations automate and enforce healthcare compliance in the cloud, providing full visibility and remediation with healthcare-centric cyber intelligence.

Analytics & Reporting

Our analytics and reporting solutions provide valuable insights to drive strategic decisions and improve healthcare outcomes.

GxP for Life Sciences

We offer specialized solutions for life sciences, including Good Practice (GxP) compliance services for managing regulated activities in the cloud.

EHR Deployments in the Cloud

Our team assists in seamless Electronic Health Records (EHR) deployments in the cloud, ensuring secure and compliant data management.

Managed & Professional Services

In addition to our market-specific and topic-focused solutions, we offer Cloud Compliance, Managed Detection & Response, and Cloud Operations managed services that give you additional hands-on expertise and support together with the CyberHealth™ Platform. Our Professional Services include Cloud Enablement and Staff Augmentation, extending your teams with high-quality, specialized support when and where you need it.