Continuous compliance in the cloud.

CyberHealth™ Compliance

ClearDATA’s groundbreaking approach to advanced protection is mapped to HIPAA, GDPR, GxP, HITRUST, NIST, PCI, ISO, and other global standards and frameworks.

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Healthcare policy. Coded and implemented.

By informing cloud configuration and security controls with the most recent healthcare privacy legislation as well as risk and security standards, ClearDATA keeps healthcare protected in the cloud.


Hundreds of dynamically updated reference architectures and cloud service controls

Privacy Legislation & Regulations

Incorporates the latest requirements of HIPAA, GDPR, GxP and other laws across the world

Security & Risk Standards

Maps to multiple standards, including HITRUST, NIST, PCI and ISO

Healthcare Threat Intelligence

Aggregates threat event data from our wide range of healthcare customers

Enforcement Actions

Adjusts based on enforcement decisions about policy violations

Insurance Settlements

Synthesizes insurance settlements related to security events

Public Cloud Changes

Calibrates regularly to updates, features, patches and vulnerabilities on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

Compliance Explorer

See an overview of your compliance score over time in the CyberHealth™ platform, with the ability opt-in to weekly email updates.

At the core of what we do, we turn policy into code. We take thousands of lines of healthcare privacy legislation and regulations, risk and security standards and existing anonymized healthcare customer security and compliance data telemetry, then translate them into the technical controls and reference architectures that power our platform and services.

This Policy-as-Code™ Engine enables us to quickly automate compliance and security in the public cloud, providing the latest healthcare-specific protection that allows a superior level of security for healthcare organizations. Our Policy-as-Code Engine is continuously updated with several aggregated data sources, such as regulatory enforcement actions, insurance settlements and real threat data experienced by the healthcare industry and by our hundreds of healthcare customers.

ClearDATA is deeply ingrained in all facets of regulatory and compliance frameworks. We are steadfast in our commitment as stewards of your organization’s sensitive data. We adhere to those requirements, surpass them and fortify your cybersecurity strategies with automation that enables you to confidently explore the next frontiers in healthcare—without compromising speed and affordability.


HITRUST r2 & HITRUST Inheritance


SOC 2 Type II

ISO 27001


International, Regional & State Standards

“ClearDATA combines technology, managed cloud and security defense services, and healthcare expertise to make healthcare work better every single day. Our exclusive focus of working with hundreds of healthcare organizations enabled us to create our Policy-as-Code Engine that powers our platform to protect healthcare in the cloud. This helps our clients achieve privacy, security, and compliance goals in an environment where privacy and security regulations, standards, and technology are constantly evolving.”

–Chris Bowen, CoFounder & Chief Privacy and Security Officer, CISSP, CCSP, CIPP-US, CIPT

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