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Cardiac AI-Pioneer Cleerly Partners with ClearDATA to Protect Patient Data

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Achieve innovation in healthcare.

Healthcare Compliance for the Google Cloud Platform.

ClearDATA is a Google Cloud Premier Partner focused on healthcare security and compliance solutions that safeguard sensitive data (PHI/PII) and critical applications while enabling you to scale infrastructure on the public cloud.

Whether you’re engaged in medical research, enhancing patient outcomes or bringing new healthcare offerings to market, you are intent on pushing boundaries. And that’s why we joined forces with Google Cloud—together, we provide a platform for innovation with compliance at its core.

Accelerate your secure, compliant cloud journey with ClearDATA and Google Cloud.

  • Expertise & Support

    We bring the highest levels of compliance to the myriad of technologies available in the Google Cloud. Our healthcare-experienced 24/7 support staff provide custom work across BAA-covered services, so you can harness the benefits of the cloud in a secure manner.

  • Relationship With Google Cloud

    Our close collaboration with the Google Security Team lets us give customers the latest GCP security services in a compliant manner as they become available. Additionally, we advise the Google Product Team on specific compliance nuances that the healthcare industry requires.

  • Kubernetes

    We configure Google Kubernetes Engine so it’s secure and compliant for protected health information (PHI). ClearDATA and the Google Cloud Team collaborated to create a Kubernetes white paper.

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    Many of our customers are involved in medical research, analyzing extremely large datasets. Read the customer story to see how EnsoData uses Google Cloud services to score sleep studies accurately in minutes, enabling sleep center clinicians to spend more time with patients.

It takes a village. See if ClearDATA’s platform approach to operationalizing privacy and security will benefit your healthcare initiatives.

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Partnered with Google Cloud to set healthcare up for success.

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