“Have It Your Way” With AMI Customization

Author: Darrell Hyde
VP of Product Development

The year was 1974. Richard Nixon resigned the Presidency, the Mel Brooks classic Blazing Saddles premiered, and an up-and-coming fast food chain named Burger King launched a new advertising campaign with the slogan “Have it your way!” The aim of the campaign was to use flexibility to differentiate Burger King from their primary competitor, McDonalds, who was notoriously anything but. The campaign was ultimately successful and to this day Burger King customers continue to expect to “have it their way”.

Likewise, ClearDATA is always striving to help our customers “have it their way”, and our latest product announcement reinforces this commitment to our customers’ unique needs and requirements. Beginning today, ClearDATA customers can take advantage of secure AMI Customization.

ClearDATA’s hardened Amazon Machine Images (AMI) are the foundation upon which our customers’ applications are built. Secured to CIS standards, customers deploying their applications on these images can be sure that they are building their application in an environment well-suited for handling sensitive patient data.

Up until now, customers wishing to inject custom configuration for their applications into instances built from these images had to do so at time of deployment. While this allowed for a degree of customization, it came at a cost. Deploying environmental dependencies, configuration, not to mention the application itself cost precious minutes before a newly deployed instance was able to respond to requests. While this may have been acceptable for legacy workloads, as more of our customers are building cloud-native applications that depend on functionality like Auto Scaling Groups, that cost simply became unacceptable.

AMI Customization is the first in a series of exciting features we’ll be rolling out over the coming quarter as part of a new suite of functionality we’re calling Automated Safeguards for AWS. These new features will extend to healthcare and life science organizations the ability to safely self-serve on an increasing number of AWS services without putting patient privacy, regulatory obligations, or security at risk. Stay tuned!

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