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Together with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we provide a platform for innovation with compliance at its core. Google brings breakthrough cloud technology that builds on its pioneering reputation. We at ClearDATA are a healthcare-exclusive provider of security and compliance solutions that safeguard sensitive data and critical applications while enabling you to scale your healthcare IT infrastructure.

Additionally, our close collaboration with the Google Product Team lets us bring you the latest services in a compliant manner as they become available. With our healthcare focus, we can advise the Google Product Team on specific compliance nuances that the healthcare industry requires. For example, our lead engineer discovered and shared with Google how to configure one of their applications, Forseti, in a severless, secure way. Learn more about that collaboration here.

Google Cloud + The ClearDATA Platform

The ClearDATA Healthcare Security and Compliance Platform™ is comprised of software as well as managed services and professional services to empower organizations to accelerate and scale on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), while protecting sensitive health information (PHI/PII) and maintaining compliance with HIPAA and other regulations. And we take compliance one step further, as we are HITRUST certified and SOC compliant.

Our expertise is centered around keeping your environment safe and secure in the cloud throughout the entire lifecycle of your application. We bring the highest levels of compliance to the myriad of technologies available in the Google Cloud. We safeguard your environment through automation and our healthcare-experienced 24/7 support staff who provide custom work across BAA-covered services, so you can harness the benefits of the cloud in a secure manner.


The ClearDATA Healthcare Security and Compliance Platform
The ClearDATA Healthcare Security and Compliance Platform

Comprehensive BAA

ClearDATA has developed a purpose-built shared responsibility model that combines architecture guidance, optimized delivery configurations, and packaging options to provide additional security and processes on top of Google Cloud. Paired with our HITRUST-certified processes and controls, customers can focus on their applications while knowing that the underlying operating systems and infrastructure are installed, configured, and maintained in a secure and compliant manner.

Customer Success

“By partnering with ClearDATA, EnsoData gets the best of both worlds—full control over our production infrastructure with all the benefits of built-in HIPAA compliance and security oversight.”
- Nick Glattard
Chief Technology Officer, EnsoData

Discover how EnsoData uses some of the latest Google Cloud services to score sleep studies accurately in minutes so that sleep center clinicians can spend more time with patients and less time with computers.

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