Webinar: Making the Most of Machine Learning on the Cloud

by Matt Ferrari
Co-founder and Former CTO

As I travel the country, I am seeing growing interest in using the cloud for healthcare and life science based big data initiatives. It’s a smart move as any of the three public clouds are a great choice for running machine learning algorithms to drive better business and clinical insights. The clouds are all investing heavily in R&D and product development to make creating machine learning and/or predictive models and driving BI easier and easier.

In our March 20 webinar, “Cloud Analytics and Data Masking: Making the Most of Machine Learning and the Public Cloud” my co-presenter Conor Colgan and I are going to take participants on an interesting one-hour journey of just what is possible on the public cloud for big data initiatives in 2020.

We’ll highlight AWS offerings from Sagemaker, which allows folks who aren’t data scientists to build and run machine learning models, along with the impressive work AWS is doing with natural language processing including recent announcements such as Amazon Comprehend Medical, Amazon Textract, and Amazon Transcribe. Next we’ll turn our sights to Microsoft and highlight what Azure customers can do with templates, plug-ins and other user-friendly options on Azure that connect analytics tools for improved insights and visualizations. Then we’ll share some of the advancements from Google we find exciting including the amazing work Google is doing with AI vision and imaging.

From there, I’ll share a few common mistakes I’ve seen some organizations make in their ML projects so you can save time, money and energy in avoiding those missteps.

And then, we’ll talk about some of ‘the behind the scenes’ technology with DevOps automation that ClearDATA is doing to provide automation and remediation to help keep your organization within compliance frameworks and improve security while you work with structured or unstructured data for big data Use Cases.

Finally, we’ll address one of the largest challenges many healthcare and life science customers have been facing in big data projects – they have massive structured databases but are limited in what they can do with them because of the PHI these contain. We’ll provide a live demo of a new software ClearDATA has just launched – ClearDATA Locate Mask™ – that allows our customers to ‘mask’ key data fields to protect PHI while allowing other useful parts of the data set to have ML models run against it.

Here’s a preview of what we’ll be discussing:

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