Cloud Analytics and Data Masking: Making the Most of Machine Learning on the Public Clouds

March 20, 2020 | 1:00 pm

Matt Ferrari and Conor Colgan

This webinar provides attendees with an overview of machine learning services and examples of outcomes from the AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure clouds. It will address challenges and opportunities in gleaning insights from large data sets. Presenters will also share what ClearDATA is doing to help organizations make the most of the machine learning and analytics available on the cloud by demonstrating how large data sets, previously bound by regulations because of PHI, can now be used for predictive modeling to gain better insights.


Conor Colgan

Conor Colgan

Technical Product Manager

Matt Ferrari Black and White Headshot

Matt Ferrari

Co-Founder & Former Chief Technology Officer

Matt Ferrari is a skilled technology veteran with more than a decade of success delivering managed hosting and secure cloud-based computing to companies around the world.

Matt’s HIPAA and HITECH expertise, combined with his extensive understanding of Cloud Storage and Disaster Recovery, make him uniquely qualified to build healthcare storage environments for organizations that require a high degree of scalability, data security, and regulatory compliance.

Prior to ClearDATA, Matt was the Chief Technology Officer at HOSTING.COM. He architected and built the company’s fast-growing line of managed cloud products and services at HOSTING.COM for over a decade, focusing largely on driving automation and cloud product innovation.

A sought-after keynote speaker, Matt has presented at events such as AWS Re:invent, EMCWorld, VMWorld, Consumer Electronics Show (CES), IT Expo, InterOp, and others. He joins top partners in panel discussions about cloud computing, and nurtures many strategic technology relationships.