Trust but Verify: Open the Door to Secure Healthcare Relationships with HITRUST 9.5.1

HITRUST is an information security framework for the healthcare industry that brings together international federal, state, and third-party regulations and standards to protect healthcare data. The certification ‘verifies’ that an organization has met key regulations and industry-defined requirements and is appropriately managing risk. HITRUST is particularly important for healthcare organizations that handle sensitive patient information and must adhere to strict compliance regulations.

ClearDATA is in an elite group of organizations worldwide who have achieved HITRUST 9.5.1 certification, demonstrating a commitment to the highest standards of security and compliance. ClearDATA has received five consecutive HITRUST certifications and is equipped with a wide array of inheritable controls, enabling customers to demonstrate their own commitment to security rapidly and affordably.

HITRUST pairs well with ClearDATA’s proprietary CyberHealth Platform which generates reports mapping to HIPAA controls and requirements. The HITRUST 9.5.1 certification includes the ability to select regulation subparts and to map requirements to policies as evidence to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

As an inheritance provider of HITRUST, ClearDATA customers can inherit up to roughly 60% of the 545 requirements. Customers can utilize ClearDATA’s inheritable controls when pursuing their own HITRUST certification, ultimately saving them time and money while protecting sensitive patient data.

The truth is healthcare companies are under increasing pressure to adhere to evolving compliance and privacy requirements including HIPAA, the HTECH Act, NIST, GDPR, CCPA, CIS, and more. Working with a HITRUST certified vendor like ClearDATA means you can have the confidence to innovate in the cloud safely and compliantly.

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