Accelerate Your Secure, Compliant Cloud Journey

With proven healthcare, IT and compliance expertise, ClearDATA can help you accelerate your cloud journey for even your most sensitive data sets. Develop your cloud strategy based on a culture of compliance from the very beginning with ClearDATA and know that sensitive healthcare data is safe, secure and compliant.

Getting Started in the Cloud

Many health organizations have a desire to realize the benefits of cloud, but it is crucial to do so while avoiding major pitfalls and risks. ClearDATA can guide you through the cultural, strategic, operational and technical aspects of a successful cloud journey. ClearDATA can help jump start your discovery process to build an effective cloud program by assessing and providing recommendations as it relates to people, process, and technology.


Plan for resources appropriately and determine how you can scale your org to grow in the future


Implement policies to drive continuous compliance and adjust current on-prem approaches to apply to cloud


Adopt the latest technologies that cloud provides, determine which tools can carry over and which ones need to be rethought

Scale Securely on the Cloud

Our expertise around security and compliance applied to the cloud means that the regulatory (e.g., HIPAA) and HITRUST controls are implemented in your cloud environment from step one, so your team can focus on building their solution knowing that everything is configured appropriately to handle sensitive data.

ClearDATA can design a scalable, compliant cloud architecture & platform, aimed to serve your initial cloud journey as well as your growth for a larger cloud presence. Whether you’re just getting started or already have a significant footprint but want to consider how to leverage things like serverless architecture or Kubernetes securely, our team of experts can help you realize the benefits of cloud as you continue evolving.

Optimize Cloud Costs as You Grow

As organizations increase their cloud practice to accelerate their business objectives, cloud can also introduce waste. Optimizing your cloud practice should become part of your overall cloud strategy, not an annual “spring cleaning.” But where does one begin, and who has the time, resources, and expertise to devote to enhance your cloud usage?

Rely on our expertise to help you optimize cloud services for your applications so that you can:

  • Gain timely insight to enable visibility, governance, priority, and action for areas of improvement
  • Reduce monthly cloud service spend and streamline workflows
  • Understand and better forecast cloud costs and usage

Leverage DevSecOps to Shift Left

Your journey to the cloud doesn’t stop once you’re in it. In fact, that’s just the beginning.  Cloud technology is constantly evolving, and the demands of your organization continue to grow. DevSecOps augments DevOps by adding critical reviews, functions, and controls to prevent problems before they occur—reducing vulnerability. We can provide your team an extensive report outlining numerous standards and demonstrating how to establish your DevSecOps practice in the cloud for optimal outcomes.



Learn more about how DevSecOps can de-risk your cloud environment.

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