Atlanta, GA and Phoenix, AZ (August 12, 2015) – Liaison Technologies, a leader in cloud-based integration and data management, and ClearDATA, the healthcare-exclusive cloud computing provider, today announced that they have joined forces to launch the industry’s most secure HIPAA-compliant solution for data integration and management. Within ClearDATA’s secure cloud environment, healthcare and life sciences organizations can leverage Liaison’s ALLOY Health™ platform to integrate and manage limitless streams of data from countless sources and systems.

“This partnership addresses many of the regulatory compliance and security needs of our customers in the healthcare and life sciences industries,” stated Manish Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer of Liaison. “We are excited to work together with ClearDATA to offer the ALLOY Health platform with end-to-end HIPAA compliance.”

The offering comes at a time when several developments have converged to create a major opportunity—and crisis—for the healthcare and life sciences industries. Health data is available at unprecedented amounts, with the potential to transform patient lives and business for both industries. It also resides in fragmented, weakly protected infrastructure, and requires adherence to HIPAA and other regulations.

How the joint solution works

Liaison’s ALLOY Health™ Platform, the industry’s first dPaaS (data Platform as a Service) – operates in ClearDATA’s cloud infrastructure designed to comply with both HIPAA and FDA regulations. This enables scalable intake of data from different sources, and subsequent data access and management, while maintaining full compliance with HIPAA and other federal regulations for protected health information. Clients can also deploy complementary applications for tight interoperability.

Built with a microservices architecture and big data technologies, ALLOY Health platform empowers organizations to integrate, aggregate, harmonize and visualize a wide variety of data from clinical trials, wearables, social media feeds and research registries; and from traditional systems such as EHRs and practice management systems.

ClearDATA’s HIPAA-compliant Health Management hosting environment provides a single interface to manage and monitor application resources in real-time across multiple systems. Customers benefit from greater transparency, enhanced application and network security, and industry-leading compliance. In addition, ClearDATA offers a comprehensive Business Associates Agreement (BAA), considered the best in the industry, that shifts a significant shared compliance risk from the provider to ClearDATA.

With the two companies’ combined holistic solution, healthcare and life sciences organizations gain the data capabilities they need to make transformative improvements in treatment. They also acquire extensive data storage and application hosting capacity to accommodate intermittent surges in demand from researchers and healthcare providers for advanced data analytics.

“It is not often that a partnership can meet so many needs of such market significance,” noted Darin Brannan, CEO of ClearDATA. “We could not be more pleased to team with Liaison to provide the life sciences and healthcare industries with a highly secure HIPAA compliant, comprehensive data solution to drive discovery and innovation.”

About Liaison Technologies

Liaison Technologies provides integration and data management solutions to help customers unlock the power of a data-centric approach to their business.

Liaison’s cloud-based approach breaks down the barriers between data silos to tap into the valuable information needed to make better decisions, faster. Tailored to solve complex data problems today while building a robust foundation for tomorrow’s unforeseen challenges, Liaison fosters a seamless flow of information securely and at scale.

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