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As a healthcare leader, you don’t have time to struggle with inefficient healthcare data and cloud operations. Just one breach or cyberattack can compromise patient privacy and your intellectual property.  

On top of external risks, what if unknown risks and misconfigurations are lurking in your cloud environment? Could they compromise patient privacy, your proprietary data, and your reputation? 

You can’t afford to wait and find out.

ClearDATA is here to offer your solution. We provide a free Healthcare Cloud Checkup – because we know you can’t protect PHI and free up your team to innovate unless you uncover and fix critical cloud risks.  

Our Checkup utilizes our advanced CyberHealth Platform and a team of trained experts who specialize in cloud security and compliance specifically focused on HIPAA-compliant cloud services

What does it mean to have a healthy cloud?   

A healthy cloud means that your organization’s cloud infrastructure is secure, compliant, and optimized for performance. A healthy cloud ensures that your operations run smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on providing quality care to patients.

A robust healthcare cloud infrastructure is like a well-functioning automobile. It represents the smooth and efficient operation of all systems. Just as you wouldn’t dream of hitting the highway in a car that hasn’t seen a mechanic in years, you shouldn’t be running a business on a cloud system or cloud security posture management (CSPM) tool that isn’t maintained properly. Because your healthcare cloud handles sensitive healthcare data, it’s important to have it checked regularly.  

What are the major risks of an unhealthy cloud?   

Misconfigurations: A functioning cloud doesn’t necessarily mean misconfigurations aren’t lurking within. These misconfigurations don’t just cause inefficiencies — they cause major security risks and could threaten PHI protection and compliance. In fact, recent data suggests 80% of all data security breaches are a result of misconfigurations and human error. 

Cloud waste: There are many ways to configure a cloud architecture to fit your business objectives. However, an unhealthy setup will also result in what the industry calls “cloud waste.” Today’s organizations are wasting approximately 30% of their IT budget on cloud-related expenses. This is negatively affecting their profits and preventing them from making investments in other areas. 

Healthcare service interruptions: A healthy cloud can quickly scale to meet client or customer demand. Can yours? Without the proper cloud architecture in place, or the ability to quickly remediate cloud risks and vulnerabilities, you may be setting your applications up for failure — or worse, preventing patients from receiving proper care — by putting yourself at risk for service interruptions caused by scalability issues when data needs surge.   

If nothing else, you may be putting major roadblocks in the way as you try to take on larger clients or go to market with new innovations in healthcare.   

The checkup is painless, we promise!  

The ClearDATA Healthcare Cloud Checkup takes us only two weeks to complete and provides actionable guidance from our experts to evaluate the health of your cloud. 

  1. Kick-Off: In this meeting, our experts in healthcare compliance establish IAM permissions, verify your cloud data, and outline next steps. 
  1. Discover: Next, using the ClearDATA CyberHealth™ Platform, we comprehensively identify all risks within your cloud environment and prioritize them based on importance. 
  1. Evaluate: Our compliance and risk experts at ClearDATA evaluate and analyze all findings to create your personalized Cloud Risk Report.  
  1. Review: We guide you through your Cloud Risk Report, providing a comprehensive analysis of your environment using the CyberHealth Platform in a live session with your team.  
  1. Address Risk: ClearDATA’s cloud compliance experts meet you where you are in your cloud journey, supporting you along the way.  
A snapshot of the free Cloud Risk Report we’ll walk you through at the end of your Checkup.

Don’t wait for cloud unknowns to become cloud nightmares. Let ClearDATA assess your security and compliance posture and help you maintain your healthcare cloud’s continuous security and compliance. After all, your healthcare cloud deserves healthcare expertise.  

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