Fast Company Names ClearDATA to Most Innovative Companies 2020

by Darin Brannan
Co-founder and CEO

One of the great parts about being CEO of a hypergrowth start-up is the drive, hope, and ambition you bring to work every day. You and your team work tirelessly in the hopes you’ll collectively build a truly innovative company that not only serves an important market need, but that also profoundly changes an industry for the better. Hence our mission at ClearDATA: to make healthcare better – every single day. That drive is what keeps us all here at ClearDATA going on the days when the challenges can seem insurmountable. After all, it’s not easy work transforming an industry. We persist, and therefore we succeed.

It is with great joy and boundless enthusiasm that I am announcing today that persistence pays off!

ClearDATA has been selected to be included in Fast Company’s 50 U.S. Most Innovative Companies 2020!

I think we all know how fiercely competitive and prestigious this annual award is. ClearDATA has been recognized for building a secure infrastructure that accelerates healthcare and life sciences innovation.

ClearDATA created a healthcare exclusive, secure, and scalable cloud computing platform with services and software that enable healthcare organizations to accelerate innovation as they seek to improve the security, experience and health outcomes of patients. We help healthcare and life sciences organizations innovate on the public clouds by modernizing their IT infrastructure and protecting their sensitive data.

The ClearDATA Healthcare Security and Compliance Platform™, coupled with our HITRUST certification and healthcare security and cloud expertise, uniquely positions us to provide an environment for our customers across healthcare that enables them to monitor and maintain their compliance for the lifetimes of their data and application in the public cloud, be it AWS, Google, or Microsoft.

Today, healthcare has access to so many exciting cloud computing technologies including machine learning, natural language processing, distributed tracing, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics. Healthcare organizations are moving to the cloud in a massive migration and need to be able to protect their PHI  workloads they bring to the cloud.

It’s been extraordinarily exciting to be part of this company’s growth and innovation trajectory as we discover we are bringing something of such critical importance to healthcare organizations large and small. To be recognized for this work and our innovations by Fast Company is a huge win for all of us here at ClearDATA, and for all of the healthcare organizations we serve.

And we’re not stopping there. We’re using this momentum to continue to innovate. Here’s to all that we can do together in 2020 to make healthcare better, every single day!

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