Enabling your Cloud Journey with the Cloud Security Architect

by Chris Bowen
Chief Privacy & Security Officer and Founder

This is the third in a three-part series on enabling your journey to the cloud and understanding the beneficial role a cloud security architect can play in informing your cloud decisions.

In this series we’ve talked about the reasons healthcare has passed the tipping point for cloud adoption, and we’ve identified and addressed some fears your internal teams may have about cloud migration. In this third segment we will explore the advantages you have when you partner with ClearDATA and take advantage of access to healthcare exclusive Cloud Security Architects.

Designing complex cloud environments and ensuring their functionality are top priorities of the Cloud Security Architect. In addition, this individual:

  • Designs and develops security architectures for cloud and cloud/hybrid-based systems
  • Leads initiatives designed to share knowledge across security platforms and technology teams
  • Provides guidance on best security practices for multiple cloud environments
  • Works with customers to build the security roadmap for cloud-based application workloads
  • Helps customers traverse security knowledge gaps from on premises or legacy workloads to state-of-the-art cloud environments
  • Leads the way in cost and security scaling considerations

The most important duty of the Cloud Security Architect is to listen and advise on your goal as a ClearDATA customer, understand your vision for cloud, what you’re trying to address, and what you would initially like to move onto a public cloud.

Six Key Points to Remember

Whatever your cloud journey, remembering these six key points will help.

  • Cloud security configurations leverage security-by-design at scale. Taking advantage of these investments requires a mindset shift by those whose job it is to protect patient information.
  • Cloud security is still focused on defense-in-depth principles, but approaches these principles with code, services, serverless, and automation technologies.
  • Focus safeguards on the data, knowing that sometimes the cloud Journey must leverage the skills and maturity of a Cloud Security Architect. Your team’s in-house skills will evolve over time, a big benefit for you and them, but climbing too quickly without help from experts like ClearDATA could cause disastrous results.
  • ClearDATA’s partnerships with the major cloud providers Microsoft, Amazon, and Google enable security, privacy and compliance innovation as new features are coming to market. Take advantage of ClearDATA’s relationships in your cloud journey.
  • Make sure the cloud journey is purpose-built for the level of data sensitivity required.
  • ClearDATA has you covered. We’ll focus on the privacy, security and compliance so you can focus on your business objectives and innovation.

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