ClearDATA 9.5 Cert is Fastest On-Ramp to Health Tech Go-to-Market Aspirations

ClearDATA Maintains Prestigious HITRUST v9.5.1 Certification

It’s never been tougher to shield healthcare data in the face of persistently evolving technology and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. If you don’t have the right certification and controls in place, your data is at risk. That’s what makes HITRUST certification so critical for healthcare companies.

We’ve achieved and maintained HITRUST Risk-Based (r2) certification for CSF v9.5.1 because it serves as the epitome of cyber risk assurance for our healthcare customers. ClearDATA is among a select group of organizations with this certification, continually adapting to meet the evolving requirements and standards of security and privacy, to offer our customers best-in-class products and services.

HITRUST: The Undisputed Healthcare Benchmark in Information Security 

In healthcare, there are many industry standards and guidelines for information security management initiatives, but none are as healthcare-centric as HITRUST. Moreover, many healthcare organizations struggle to maintaining necessary security measures while juggling multiple priorities with limited resources

The Complicated Journey to HITRUST Certification 

Despite adopting an industry-approved framework like HITRUST CSF, healthcare organizations still grapple with substantial challenges. In order to operationalize the HITRUST control requisites to support core business functions and foster innovation, you need to make a substantial investment in planning, time, resources, and expertise.

While the exact total expenses of attaining HITRUST certification is hard to estimate, it’s safe to assume that an organization will need several months to over a year to identify gaps in their information security management system and implement mitigating controls. Meanwhile, the timeline for undergoing a validated assessment can take between four and nine months, with direct costs ranging from $40,000 to well over $100,000 – and that’s not counting indirect costs.

Maximizing the Benefits of HITRUST 

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to go it alone, incurring the costs and time it takes to gain HITRUST certification, and then facing uncertainty about its effectiveness once the process is complete. Instead, you can inherit HITRUST controls and simplify the process with an authorized inheritance provider that allows participants to inherit up to 60% of scoped maturity requirements.

The ClearDATA Inheritance program offers benefits like more efficient cyber risk management, improved clarity of shared responsibility in cloud environments, and reduced HITRUST certification assessment efforts. Customers can quickly identify which controls are inheritable and submit their requests via the HITRUST MyCSF® platform. This minimizes the effort involved in gathering control performance information and distributing third-party attestation reports.

While it’s still true that HITRUST certification involves a significant investment, it’s an investment worth making. ClearDATA’s HITRUST Inheritance program can help your organization save time, resources, and costs associated with satisfying numerous control requirements.

Why HealthTech Companies Need HITRUST Certification

    • First off, achieving HITRUST certification is like wearing a badge of honor. It tells healthcare Payers, Providers, and Patients, “Hey, we take security seriously.” This isn’t just about ticking boxes for compliance; it’s about building trust. And in healthcare, trust is everything. When a company can confidently say its product meets HITRUST standards, it’s saying that patient data protection is a top priority.

    • There are some real success stories out there. Companies that have embraced HITRUST certification have not only demonstrated their commitment to HIPAA compliance but have also been able to spot and smooth out potential risk areas before they become problems. This proactive approach doesn’t just minimize headaches down the line; it also streamlines operations, making them more efficient. And when things run smoothly, it’s easier to scale and grow.

    • Achieving HITRUST certification has been linked to sales growth. Healthcare organizations don’t want to take risks when it comes to choosing technology partners. They’re looking for companies that can prove they’re up to the task of protecting sensitive health information. A HITRUST-certified product gives your prospects the peace of mind that their patients PHI data is secure.

Leading the Pack in Compliance 

Third-party dependencies and risk can be significant obstacles to business expansion. As organizations grapple with these challenges, the ability to showcase third-party assurances from an independent assessor is increasingly becoming a necessity. ClearDATA enables healthcare organizations to showcase their robust security and compliance posture, whether through the HITRUST Inheritance program or by offering expert assistance in safeguarding healthcare data in the public cloud.


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