ClearDATA + Intraprise Health Announce Partnership to Streamline HITRUST Certification

HITRUST certification– the “gold standard” for compliance and risk mitigation, especially in healthcare – quickly signals that a healthcare organization is a credible leader in security, privacy, and compliance. And now, a new partnership between ClearDATA and Intraprise Health helps healthcare organizations achieve and maintain this crucial certification much faster, more accurately, and at a lower cost.

Intraprise will bring its experience and skills as a tenured HITRUST assessor (the first 100% healthcare-focused HITRUST Certified Assessor in the U.S.) to supplement ClearDATA’s powerful platforms that protect healthcare data in the cloud – ultimately resulting in a unified and streamlined certification process.

Healthcare payers, and an increasing number of health systems and hospitals, require their business associates to become HITRUST certified because the certification demonstrates that the organization has made a dedicated commitment to maintain the greatest level of protection for their customer’s healthcare data.

Still, most healthcare organizations face unrelenting challenges throughout the HITRUST certification assessment process, from high expenses to finding the time to gather the granular security information for each system and then verifying its contents. A midsize healthcare organization may have multiple systems with hundreds of necessary controls that all require the same amount of effort and focus to complete the certification.

“Healthcare organizations in the U.S. have tremendous business and regulatory pressure to manage as they serve patients and improve healthcare outcomes,” said Carl Kunkleman, Senior Advisor to Intraprise Health. “Our partnership with ClearDATA gets us one step closer to improving compliance and security for healthcare organizations throughout the country.”

These challenges can compound throughout certification maintenance: Complying with the methodology’s domain scoring demands determines the level of manual effort required over the entire lifecycle of HITRUST compliance. The ClearDATA and Intraprise partnership automates the ongoing work of monitoring and maintaining compliance that sets up organizations for long-term cost savings.

“HITRUST certification is critical for healthcare companies to prove compliance and data security, and ClearDATA is thrilled to partner with Intraprise Health and help companies successfully achieve HITRUST certification faster than ever,” said Guy Cunningham, VP of Channel Sales at ClearDATA.

With this partnership, ClearDATA will seamlessly integrate Intraprise’s HITRUST certification strategy and lifecycle plan into its cloud platforms, offering healthcare businesses a one-stop approach to security, compliance, and HITRUST certification that saves them time, money, and many of the headaches that come with embarking on the process manually using siloed systems.

Healthcare organizations interested in achieving full HITRUST certification, or accelerating certification by inheriting existing controls on the ClearDATA platform are encouraged to contact our expert team.

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