Tired of reading websites and documentation with language so technical or jargoned that you don’t know what you’ve just read, nor do you feel like you better understand the company you’re researching? We can change that. You have questions. We have answers. Below are the most common questions we get:

Who is ClearDATA? What do you do?

We help healthcare organizations protect and secure their sensitive healthcare data, including PHI (protected health information) and PII (personally identifiable information), as they build innovative apps in the public cloud. The healthcare industry is under attack from cybercriminals looking to steal this data, causing painful and expensive data breaches. We provide a comprehensive solution to our customers’ public cloud security and compliance requirements via a combination of software, intellectual property, services, and expert personnel. We also provide an enhanced contractual framework for the required Business Associate Agreement (BAA) that is customized to each of our customers’ unique needs. You’ll find this far exceeds what you can negotiate directly with a public cloud provider.

What do you offer?

We offer a platform comprised of software products, services, and professional services built on a foundation of HITRUST, ensuring our healthcare customers the highest quality standards and best practices for privacy, security, and compliance as they drive innovation using the public clouds.


ClearDATA Comply™

ClearDATA Comply is comprised of Automated Safeguards and a Compliance Dashboard.  It can be used in combination with our services, or as a software-only product to complement more advanced cloud compliance programs.

  • Automated Safeguards are intellectual property we developed to ensure you and your developers can work natively with public cloud services (AWS, Google, or Microsoft) while maintaining compliance with the regulatory framework you’re accountable to – HIPAA, GDPR, or GxP and more. With Automated Safeguards, ClearDATA has interpreted key regulations and developed IP for over 45 of the most popular public cloud services. More than 120 technical controls are configured properly to ensure your organization stays in compliance with healthcare’s complex regulatory frameworks. These safeguards act as guardrails as your team innovates. If you take an action that causes you to drift out of compliance, these safeguards detect the issue and provide notification to the appropriate personnel or automatically remediate the problem, or both.
  • The Compliance Dashboard is an intuitive interface that works hand-in-hand with the Automated Safeguards and provides you and your internal stakeholders (including CISOs, InfoSec, Compliance, and Risk teams) as well as external stakeholders (including auditors and legal teams) the opportunity to view your organization’s compliance posture across your assets in the public cloud at any time. It provides a near-real time view as well as a historical record, and is expertly mapped to specific compliance frameworks, allowing you to select one set of regulations or multiple including HIPAA, GDPR, GxP, IST, ISO.
  • Purchase Options:
    • ClearDATA Comply can be purchased as a standalone software for you to deploy on your own if you already have a BAA signed with the public cloud, have a team of cloud experts already in-house, or want to experiment with non-PHI workloads.
    • Services: If you don’t have in-house cloud expertise and need the support of our personnel, you can choose from two different packages that best align to the needs of your organization.
ClearDATA Locate®

ClearDATA Locate is a product suite based on cutting edge technologies, like Natural Language Processing and ML, engineered to enable customers to identify, manage and compliantly use data sets that contain PHI/PII.

  • ClearDATA Locate Mask is software as a service (SaaS) that allows healthcare organizations to mask or redact sensitive and identifiable data located in documents and images. Users can choose to mask up to 15 identifiers to mask or redact in their data.  Locate Data Masking offers two tiers of identifiers available for masking, allowing more flexibility to mask only the data you need without removing all of the value from the dataset. Data can live anywhere and be submitted to Locate Mask for use in:
    • Training Machine Learning Models to improve analytics
    • Providing development teams with access to critical data for testing
    • Share valuable data sets with partners and third-party organizations without risk of exposing PHI
  • Built on machine learning models trained on healthcare data to detect Protected Health Information (PHI) quickly and accurately, ClearDATA Locate Trace is a natural language processing technology engineered to help close compliance gaps in modern software architectures. Locate Trace helps provide visibility into the data that is processed by Kubernetes based healthcare applications. Your healthcare organization can plug Trace into an existing Kubernetes cluster and, through its healthcare aware distributed tracing feature, immediately see tracing datathat is focused on detecting PHI. Requests that flow through a Kubernetes pod will be evaluated against algorithms that can apply a confidence score to help determine whether the data contained in the request is PHI. This allows your organization to build a strong audit posture in modern microservice based applications.
ClearDATA Assess®

Per the HIPAA Security Rule, organizations that handle protected health information (PHI) must conduct a Security Risk Assessment (SRA) on an annual basis. ClearDATA Assess is a SaaS and human-driven solution that helps covered entities and Business Associates understand and address where security and compliance vulnerabilities lie within their organization, in order to safeguard sensitive information and meet the SRA documentation requirement from HIPAA.

Keep your team focused on business objectives, rather than spending time figuring out how to conduct a SRA. Our team of healthcare and compliance experts exclusively conducts SRAs, giving them deep, credible insight into the most critical vulnerabilities. After conducting the SRA, our team works alongside you to help create your custom plan for remediation of identified risks.


To complement our software products, we also offer services that combine our intellectual property with 24/7 human support to help ensure ongoing compliance. ClearDATA employs a team of cloud experts to provide architecture guidance, as well as build services and security functions such as creating hardened images, patching, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, malware and virus detection, logging, and back-ups – to name a few. Our team is made up of certified cloud engineers along with healthcare and compliance experts who understand the problems healthcare organizations are trying to solve in the cloud. Learn more.

Professional Services

Professional Services — Since we meet our customers where they are in their cloud journey, we offer a wide array of professional services ranging from early stage assessment and migration planning to consulting for change management, DevOps training, Security Risk Assessments, and much more – all based on your organization’s unique needs, both today and in the future.

You can learn more about these products and services on our website, where you can view short videos about Automated Safeguards and the Compliance Dashboard.

Can I see a product?

Yes, we can set up a demo call at any time. You can request a demo here: https://www.cleardata.com/request-demo/

What makes ClearDATA unique among cloud software and service providers?

First and foremost, many of the other providers that offer you cloud services, such as MSPs, have added healthcare as a tacked-on vertical to existing business models. At ClearDATA, we are healthcare exclusive. This is all we do, and we are 100% focused on securing our customers’ PHI in the public cloud.  We are HITRUST certified and have earned the status of Premier Consulting Partner with AWS, Premier Partner with Google, and Gold Partner with Microsoft. This gives us broad and deep expertise as your strategic partner in the healthcare cloud. In addition to our proven ability to interpret and map complex regulatory frameworks to compliance checks for hundreds of successful healthcare organizations, we have staffed our company with the country’s best and brightest at cloud. Attracting certified-cloud solution architects and software engineers adept at supporting you on AWS, Azure, or GCP takes work, time, and money. We have spent years building, training, and retaining expert team members in cloud and healthcare.

In an industry where speed to market matters, time savings serve as a competitive advantage. Our cloud and healthcare knowledge, certifications, and partnerships give you the support you need on your cloud journey so you can focus on your applications, your innovation, your business objectives, and your core competencies. In short, we are the recognized security and compliance expert for healthcare in the public cloud. We are committed to this for the long haul, making healthcare better every single day by helping our customers modernize their IT stack in the public cloud, while ClearDATA works as their partner in delivering the security and compliance they need.

The cloud providers have HIPAA-eligible services now. Why do I need you?

Yes, they do have HIPAA-eligible services. And it will be up to you to configure and deploy them in a way that is HIPAA compliant, which is very different from HIPAA eligible. They will provide you the infrastructure, but it is up to your team to have the deep cloud, automation, DevOps experience, and compliance expertise for you to create and maintain a compliance program that proves you are compliant over time. ClearDATA stays abreast of the thousands of changes the public cloud providers make to their services yearly, and also monitors changes made to healthcare regulations. We adjust our automation to reflect those changes to protect your compliance posture.

Additionally, when you try to go it alone and “do it yourself” (DIY), you are faced with a tremendous pull on your time and resources. Do you want to spend your time keeping up with public cloud updates or innovating to reach your business objectives? It’s also important to bear in mind that when you go direct with the public cloud provider you will be using their Business Associate Agreement. This is seldom negotiable. At ClearDATA, we recognize that your business and cloud needs are unique, so we will customize our comprehensive, purposeful BAA to best protect your business.

What’s your business model?

We meet you where you are in your cloud journey. Most of our customers today utilize ClearDATA’s full-service offering, where ClearDATA provides the public cloud infrastructure, as well as our software and services – all covered by a comprehensive and custom BAA. For other customers who have direct relationships established with their cloud providers through an enterprise agreement, we can offer our software and services and a tailored BAA, while the customer procures the public cloud infrastructure services directly. Lastly, for more mature cloud practitioners, organizations can leverage Comply as a software-only solution that can help enforce and visualize compliance while the team manages the rest of their cloud environment.

How viable is your company?

Since 2011 we’ve been helping more than 200 healthcare organizations drive innovation through modernizing their IT stack. We’re experts in the public cloud, as evidenced by our partnership status with AWS, GCP, and Azure.  We are backed by some of the nation’s most recognized healthcare-focused investors, including Norwest Venture Partners, Merck Health Innovation Fund, Excel Venture Management, Heritage Group, HLM Venture Partners, Flare Capital Partners, Humana, and Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC).

Our expertise and proven value span all segments of healthcare including payers, providers, healthcare IT and life sciences. Here is just a sample of customers whose trust we have earned:


How do I get started?

We can assist you whether you already have hundreds of workloads on a single public cloud, or all three clouds. On the other end of the spectrum, we can offer professional services to help you begin your cloud journey. In fact, ClearDATA can guide and assist you at all points in between. Contact us to discuss your unique needs and the challenges you are trying to solve. We can help you make the most of the opportunities to scale your business and harness the power of the cloud.

You can learn more by visiting the resources section of our website to access articles, white papers, ebooks, guides, case studies and more.