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Healthcare Technology Cloud Security Solutions

We all know that with great power comes great responsibility. You generate some seriously innovative health tech within the cloud, and with that comes significant quantities of sensitive patient data. The ClearDATA HITRUST-certified CyberHealth™ platform operationalizes privacy and security and gets out of your way—so you can build and deploy the solutions your customers and their patients are counting on.

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ClearDATA is always on, working to keep your sensitive health data private and secure. Our software and services create a foundation so you can:

  • Reduce time-to-market safely

    Integrate built-in healthcare privacy and security controls quickly so you can efficiently build and deploy compliant infrastructure.

  • Protect data from design throughout the application lifecycle

    Ensure your customers’ sensitive data remains private and secure in a state of continuous security and compliance designed specifically for healthcare data.

  • Scale and pivot quickly

    Take advantage of the quickly evolving digital health market with a platform and services that scale along with you.

  • Prove adherence to HITRUST certification

    Through our HITRUST Inheritance Program, inherit certain controls based upon your work with us and accelerate your certification process.

ClearDATA’s CyberHealth platform and services are your accelerator. You can proactively address new trends, attract enterprise customers and protect applications from start to finish. We ensure privacy and security so you can confidently build solutions that transform healthcare and improve patient outcomes.

ClearDATA platform and services capabilities

  • Operations

  • Detection

  • Assessments & Risk Management

  • Managed Defense

  • Cloud operations

  • Cloud Transformation Services

Leverage our platform and services to protect your sensitive data while you transform and innovate healthcare technology in the cloud.

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