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Healthcare Provider
Cloud Security Solutions

Improving patient outcomes and embracing value-based care increasingly requires digital interfaces and shared data. Open the door to rapid, secure innovation and embrace new digital models of healthcare with ClearDATA’s comprehensive privacy and security platform and integrated services.

Address evolving patient needs rapidly with a
strong cloud foundation

ClearDATA is always on, working to keep your sensitive health data private, secure, and compliant. Our software and services create a foundation so you can:

  • Shed the risks and limits of legacy systems

    Migration of on-prem infrastructure to the public cloud can reduce significant vulnerabilities—particularly when engaged with a partner with deep operational expertise in privacy and security. Cloud adoption further opens possibilities for data-driven advancements that simply could not be achieved with on-site infrastructures.

  • Harness the power of interoperable systems

    Interoperability can bring disparate systems together to improve care coordination and patient safety, increase productivity and reduce costs.

  • Accelerate digital patient offerings

    As telehealth and remote monitoring become more familiar, patients will increasingly expect a high-quality user experience. Keeping pace with their needs requires continual digital innovation.

ClearDATA’s CyberHealth™ platform and services are your accelerator and navigator, helping you realize your data’s potential in the cloud without slowing you down or putting sensitive data at risk. Now, you can securely and efficiently collaborate, streamline operations and improve your patients’ experience.

ClearDATA platform and services capabilities

  • Operations

  • Detection

  • Assessments & Risk Management

  • Managed Defense

  • Cloud operations

  • Cloud Transformation Services

We’ll harness the power of the public cloud to protect your patient data while you work to improve their outcomes.

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