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Cardiac AI-Pioneer Cleerly Partners with ClearDATA to Protect Patient Data

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Member services innovation often requires data insights drawn from diverse internal and external sources. Make this data accessible and interoperable in the cloud, while minimizing risk with ClearDATA’s comprehensive privacy and security platform.

Build powerful analytics and member experiences on our foundation

Accelerate your cloud journey with confidence, knowing ClearDATA is always on. Our software and response team work on your behalf to keep sensitive health data private and secure. We create a foundation so you can:

  • Create personal member pathways

    The power of the public cloud can help you move from transactional relationships to member-focused wellness plans, tailored outreach and other personalized experiences.

  • Prepare for a savvy aging population

    The Internet of Things, telehealth and self-management tools can improve access and experiences for millions of digital-savvy people joining Medicare in the near future.

  • Use advanced analytics to derive insights

    Text analysis, natural language processing and machine learning can generate data insights that help you automate claims processing, identify frequent call center questions, and predict health risk—and that’s just the beginning.

  • Innovate while containing costs and risk

    Cloud solutions let you streamline operations and optimize costs while delivering innovative approaches to improve member interaction.

The ClearDATA platform is your accelerator. You can harness emerging technologies, collaborate in the cloud, and scale programs up and down. We protect your health data so you can quickly spin up unparalleled member experiences.

ClearDATA platform and services capabilities

  • Operations

  • Detection

  • Assessments & Risk Management

  • Managed Defense

  • Cloud operations

  • Cloud Transformation Services

Leverage our platform and services to protect your member data while you transform and scale with confidence.

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