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ClearDATA Continues To Win Industry Accolades, Earning Two Prestigious Awards

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Engineering & DevOps
Cloud Security Solutions

Build, develop and deploy innovative applications quickly and confidently, now that you’ve minimized risk with our CyberHealth™ privacy and security platform and services.

Build with confidence in your security

Accelerate your cloud initiatives with confidence, knowing ClearDATA is always on. Our software and services teams work on your behalf to keep sensitive health data secure and compliant—continuously. We create the foundation so you can:

  • Avoid security and compliance roadblocks

    Gain back significant—and measurable—time spent on fixing security issues or navigating how to apply policies. ClearDATA is laser-focused on your privacy, security and compliance from design through runtime so you can invest your resources in development and achieving your business objectives.

  • Access the data you need, when you need it

    Moving data to the cloud breaks down silos in both storage and organizational operation—giving you unhindered access to all the data you need to build apps and generate analytic programs.

  • Quickly adopt new cloud technologies

    With an ever-evolving range of cloud services and capabilities at your fingertips, you will be able to innovate, scale and bring new capabilities to market more quickly with the built-in layer of ClearDATA’s strong and repeatable security configurations.

ClearDATA invests in your cloud initiative from day one, operationalizing security and compliance throughout the life cycle of your application—so you can leverage CI/CD workflow, create infrastructure as code and quickly deploy products and updates.

ClearDATA platform and services capabilities

  • Operations

  • Detection

  • Assessments & Risk Management

  • Managed Defense

  • Cloud operations

  • Cloud Transformation Services

Built-in security and compliance that scales with you—so you can build freely.

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