ClearDATA is Here For You

ClearDATA’s proven healthcare and IT expertise helps you manage existing resources effectively, while expanding your organizational value.  From process design and solution architecture to custom development, and even ongoing security risk assessments and HITRUST Inheritance, ClearDATA is here for you.

ClearDATA offers a variety of Professional Services to help your organization no matter where you are in your cloud journey.  Learn about some of our services below:

Plan for the Cloud
  • CAMP: Cloud Assessment & Migration Planning
  • Cloud Security & Compliance Best Practices
  • IT Organization Cloud Readiness
  • International Data Locality Planning
  •  HITRUST Inheritance
  •  Cloud Design
Implement, Operate, Optimize
  • Solution Architecture/Design
  • DevOps Consulting
  • CI/CD Pipeline
  •  Cloud Build
  •  Cloud Consumption and Cost Optimization
  •  Firewall Management
Protect & Secure
  • GDPR Assessments
  • Life Sciences Supply Chain Resiliency
  • Security Risk Assessments (SRAs)
  • Breach Simulations
  • Pen Tests
  • Data Life Cycle Mapping and Analysis
  • Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA)
  •  User Interface Compliance Review

Getting Started in the Cloud with ClearDATA™ CAMP

Cloud migration projects are often kicked off with only a vague sense of the intended strategic goals. Are there measurable metrics for cost reduction, operational effectiveness and competitive advantage? Understanding key performance objectives and financial metrics ahead of a cloud migration project is paramount to success.

Even with those questions answered, is the organization ready? An organization’s move to the cloud will only be as good as core stakeholders permit. Business stakeholders should understand the weighted risks and benefits of a cloud migration and be active participants in embracing cloud services. Equally important, internal infrastructure, application, and security teams must embrace your decision toward cloud computing.

The ClearDATA CAMP can provide you with:

  • A comprehensive readiness assessment
  • An agreed upon prioritization of projects
  • A clear roadmap to the cloud
  • Stakeholder buy-in

Protecting and Securing with Security Risk Assessments

Although conducting regular security risk assessments (SRAs) may seem like a hassle, the cost of failing to conduct them, and therefore failing to remediate risks, is much worse. Penalties can include millions of dollars in fines, civil and criminal litigation, restitution, and damage to institutional and professional reputations. Our comprehensive process provides you with a concise and unbiased analysis of your organization’s compliance and security with all 20 Security Standards and more than 60 Safeguard Criteria.

Increase Development Efficiency with DevOps Consulting

Organizations are moving to the cloud more rapidly than ever, looking to take advantage of the cloud’s benefits, including flexibility and scalability. However, replicating antiquated processes will not deliver the value that can be attained by adopting more efficient tools and processes, including DevOps practices.

DevOps combines software development processes (Dev) with IT operations (Ops) to accelerate delivery of applications and services. This enables more efficient delivery of features and enhancements, more agility to respond to customer and market demands, and more consistency in the production product. To implement DevOps effectively, you must address the cultural, technical, procedural and business aspects, and ClearDATA can help as you design and implement your solution.

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