Compliance Simplified

An audit can be a scary thing. What if last night’s backup failed? Are all patches current? The ClearDATA Compliance Dashboard is a clear demonstration of your commitment to a culture of compliance. We help you simplify your adherence to administrative, physical and technical safeguards, and provide you with continuous, at-a-glance transparency and actionable insights into your environment.

How We Do It

ClearDATA helps healthcare and life sciences organizations alleviate the risk of non-compliance by continuously monitoring your environment with a user-friendly dashboard. From the dashboard, you can easily validate that your storage medium is successfully encrypted, identify unauthorized system access, ensure successful backups, and view compliance trend reports to gain insights into opportunities for improvement.

ClearDATA Dashboard

Mapped directly to HIPAA and FDA guidelines, as well as upcoming GDPR regulations, the dashboard can be enabled across environments to easily monitor thousands of components, providing unique individual asset scorecards as well as a wide variety of reports.


For organizations who do not need the full ClearDATA compliance solution, but still want to obtain continuous, transparent and actionable insights, C2 is the solution for you. If you are an AWS cloud user, you can purchase C2 directly from the AWS Marketplace. Learn More

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