Multiple Regulations, One Solution

Compliance is hard. Standards evolve, new regulations are introduced, and reputational and financial risks only escalate. Before you know it, resources that could otherwise be devoted to patient care, claims management, or research are being devoted to managing compliance posture and gathering artifacts for audits. The ClearDATA Compliance Dashboard simplifies this challenge by providing you with clear, concise, and auditable views of your cloud environments mapped to multiple compliance disciplines, such as:


ISO 27001

Rooted in expert interpretations of complex government frameworks, the Compliance Dashboard allows you to easily understand regulatory requirements, supporting technical controls, and your organization’s historical attainment of compliance objectives.

Evidence You Can Rely On

ClearDATA’s Compliance Dashboard can simplify the process of gathering artifacts and demonstrating your organization’s culture of continuous compliance, including IT requirements, such as virus scans, intrusion detection, logging, back-up, and encryption. Current scorecards and historical trending data by cloud service, regulatory framework, or geographic region make it easy to view your attainment of compliance objectives over time. Assets can also be easily grouped to represent a given application, team, or line of business.

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Pick Your Cloud, We've Got You Covered

Innovation is constant in the public cloud. Healthcare organizations that need to innovate at the speed of the cloud may not find the needs of every application, system, or component best served by a single cloud platform. As more organizations are adopting multi-cloud strategies, ClearDATA is here to help. With support for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, the ClearDATA Compliance Dashboard can provide a uniform view of your organization’s compliance posture across leading public clouds. And, since ClearDATA is the first healthcare-exclusive cloud provider to be HITRUST 9.1 certified in specific services across all three major cloud platforms, you can be assured that your sensitive data is both secure and compliant.

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Manage Your Own Environment With C2

For organizations who do not need the full ClearDATA compliance solution, but still want to obtain continuous, transparent and actionable insights, C2 is the solution for you. Currently mapped to HIPAA and GDPR guidelines, AWS cloud users can monitor thousands of environments easily and ensure compliance in an easy-to-consume dashboard that lives on top of your data in the AWS cloud. If you are an AWS cloud user, you can subscribe to C2 directly from the AWS Marketplace.

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