ClearDATA Comply Service Description

This is the Service Description for ClearDATA Comply.

1. ClearDATA Comply

ClearDATA Comply™ is purpose-built software that can be used by itself or with Managed Services so healthcare organizations can manage their security and compliance posture in the public cloud relative to common regulatory frameworks such as HIPAA, GDPR, and ISO27001. ClearDATA Comply is available for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure (Azure), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Additional details on supported cloud platforms and services can be found at

2 Software Description

A subscription to ClearDATA Comply by itself allows self-enrollment of a customer-owned cloud environment. There is no ClearDATA® Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with the Software-only support level and no Public Cloud Provider service is a Covered service with respect to ClearDATA Comply. An appropriate BAA is to be executed between the customer and the Public Cloud Provider if Protected Health Information (PHI) is present in the cloud environment. ClearDATA will provide technical assistance for Software Support to any user registered in the ClearDATA Customer Portal.

The user guide for the ClearDATA Comply software can be found at

In addition to enabling native self-service access to all services provided by the Public Cloud Provider, ClearDATA Comply provides:

  • Access to healthcare specific compliance reference architectures for selected Cloud services
  • Automated logging for compliance-related cloud events
  • Automated Safeguards for selected services
  • Compliance events notification
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Operating System Compliance
    • Access to CIS hardened Operating System Images, updated monthly
    • Access to CIS hardened images if an emergency patch is issued for a zero-day exploit

3 Technical Support Request

Customers may request product support by opening a support case on the ClearDATA customer portal (through, directly, or via email to your customer success manager). ClearDATA will use reasonable commercial efforts to respond to your support requests within the following time frames:

Severity Level Definition Acknowlegment time
1 – Emergency ·      Production System down 

·      Customer discovered security event

15 minutes
2 – Urgent ·      Non-Production System down 

·      Account or Credentials lock out

4 business hours
3 – Request or Question ·      Any other request 2 business days

ClearDATA Business Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM US CST/CDT, excluding US Holidays. ClearDATA Managed Service customers can read additional details for their service description at http://cleardata.local/cleardata-managed-services-service-description/

4 ClearDATA Customer Portal

The ClearDATA Cloud Platform user interface or Customer Portal is accessible at The ClearDATA Customer Portal allows access to ClearDATA Comply™ and user interfaces for administrative tasks such as user management, billing and ticketing.

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