Safeguard your PHI and mitigate your risk of PHI breach

Best Practices in HIPAA Security Risk Assessments

Every healthcare IT director on the planet cringed when they heard about the data breach at Community Health Systems (CHS) in August 2014 that affected 4.5 million patients and is expected to cost the system $100 million by some estimates.

Data breaches are crippling to healthcare organizations. They can face millions of dollars in losses due to fines, remediation, and litigation. Damaged reputations can have a negative impact on community trust, new patient enrollment, and funding. For the healthcare IT leaders entrusted to build and maintain the safeguards, a breach can mean a loss of employment and a stigma that limits long-term career success.

The most effective key to avoiding a PHI breach or loss is to regularly conduct HIPAA security risk assessments (SRA).

In this best practices guide you’ll learn:

  • The consequences of failing to conduct a HIPAA security risk assessment
  • Common security risk assessment challenges
  • Do-it-yourself versus outsourcing
  • Choosing a credible security risk assessment partner

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