Health 2.0 Market Intelligence has released its own funding numbers for the first half of the year. They tracked a total of $2.2 billion raised in the period, compared to $2.9 billion at the half-year mark last year. The research firm’s report says that although funding in 2015 hasn’t kept pace with 2014, there’s no reason to panic, quite the contrary.

The top three deals Health 2.0 tracked include Zenefits with $500 million, NantHealth with $200 million, and Oscar with $150 million. Other big deals include Virgin Pulse, PillPack, Doctor on Demand, Aledade, Scanadu, ClearData, and Jiff. The 10 biggest deals accounted for a total of $970.3 million, or 75% of the total funding for the period.

Category-wise, consumer-facing companies took the lion’s share of the year’s funding so far, with $1.22 billion going to the companies in this category (including Zenefits); $463 million went to professional-facing companies, $307 million to data, analytics, and exchange companies; while patient-provider communication companies managed to raise $204 million.

Health 2.0 has found the data analytics space particularly dynamic, pointing out to IBM Watson Health’s acquisition of analytics companies Explorys and Phytel, and Welltok’s acquisition of Predilytics, as examples.

The firm’s findings are similar to those of StartUp Health and Rock Health, which tracked $2.8 and $2.1 billion in funding, respectively. Each group defines the digital health category a little differently, which accounts for these discrepancies.

Health 2.0 currently counts 3,326 companies in the digital health space, with 100 new companies added just this year.f