Originally published August 20th, 2019 by Pharma Tech Outlook at Pharma Tech Outlook

The robust solutions designed for monitoring PHI will enable healthcare and life science organizations to identify the breached data and reduce hefty fines from regulatory agencies. 

FREMONT, CA: Regulatory compliance takes a second place when it comes to protected health information (PHI), what with the steady rise in cyberattacks focused around health data. It has become imperative for healthcare organizations to tighten their PHI management. When it comes to healthcare public cloud security and compliance for PHI, the offerings of ClearDATA are unparalleled. The company recently announced its latest multi-cloud software, ClearDATA Locate.

ClearDATA Locate will enable healthcare organizations to build a cohesive and traceable PHI inventory within Kubernetes workloads available on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. Empowered by ClearDATA’s Healthcare Aware Distributed Tracing Technology, the software solution enables healthcare industry experts to monitor sensitive data in transit or at rest in Kubernetes applications, promoting enhanced protection against breaches, improved auditing, and a significant decrease in potential damages and fines.

Scott Whyte, Advisor & Former Chief Strategy Officer at ClearDATA, said, “As life science organization continue to lean into advanced technologies like machine learning for Real World Evidence and other applications, the ability to easily trace PHI especially through microservices can be game-changing to speed solutions to market and significantly reduce risk.”

Medical providers and insurance companies gather, store, and share troves of sensitive information on the cloud, including addresses, social security numbers, payment data, and patient health records. ClearDATA Locate will enable payers and providers in the life science sector to achieve increased insight into their data and monitor PHI when using microservices. With the looming privacy, security, and compliance frameworks closing in on healthcare organizations, the ability to accurately trace large amounts of distributed patient records enables them to gain a comprehensive understanding of the PHI systems.

Healthcare organizations across the world leverage ClearDATA HITRUST-certified cloud to protect their sensitive data and bolster their critical applications available across major public cloud platforms. Also, the company equips its customers with comprehensive business associate agreements in the industry, market-leading healthcare exclusive security and compliance solutions, and multi-cloud expertise. Its innovative portfolio of solutions and services are designed to safeguard healthcare organizations from data privacy risks, enhance their data management, and scale their healthcare IT infrastructure.

In the wake of the security breaches across the healthcare sector, the incorporation of ClearDATA Locate will enable organizations to significantly reduce damages and penalties by isolating and identifying the exposed records. It will allow healthcare and life science organizations to potentially avoid hefty fines from the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights, while also averting excessive loss of reputation. It is an undeniable fact that ClearDATA is making healthcare better every day. Its contributions to the healthcare sector spurred Pharma Tech Outlook to name ClearDATA as one of the “Top 10 Compliance Solution Providers – 2018.”