ClearDATA Locate® Mask facilitates compliant data sharing without diminishing its value, improving innovation and analytics potential

AUSTIN, Texas (Mar. 10, 2020)ClearDATA®, the leader in healthcare public cloud security, compliance and privacy, today announced a new Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, ClearDATA Locate Mask, that enables healthcare organizations to leverage unstructured datasets containing PHI or PII by masking or redacting the sensitive data. Powered by industry-leading machine learning models, Locate Mask solves healthcare’s common challenge of broadly sharing patient data securely and in a compliant fashion. Organizations can redact patient information, with up to 15 customized HIPAA identifiers available, while retaining critical information to research, innovate and improve patient care such as age, location, service dates, diagnoses and symptoms.

“Data is extremely valuable, especially in healthcare and life sciences, but security and compliance requirements often prevent data from being fully utilized or even shared,” said Suhas Kelkar, Chief Product Officer at ClearDATA. “Locate Mask now offers our healthcare customers an easy-to-use solution that extends the value of structured or unstructured data containing PHI or PII while satisfying security and other privacy considerations.”

As part of the Locate product suite, the new offering helps healthcare organizations build a strong culture of compliance while taking advantage of available data for other purposes. By using Locate Mask, healthcare organizations can create a policy-based process of using low risk, meaningful data for research, development and train machine learning models while also maintaining patient privacy and public cloud adoption.

“With the rise of the digital patient, we see healthcare organizations struggle to compliantly use data that contains PHI or PII for legitimate purposes that further innovation. With our data masking offering, ClearDATA enables companies to take advantage of the wealth of analytical information they maintain – without risking identification of sensitive patient information,” said Matt Ferrari, ClearDATA Co-Founder and Former CTO.

Without masking technology, healthcare entities are unable to efficiently share data for medical research or to leverage AI or machine learning technology. Currently, if patient data is shared, or even used internally, organizations are forced to use wholesale de-identification or encryption technologies to anonymize all identifiable values. With the precision masking integrated in Locate Mask, the industry can better analyze patient outcomes to drive operational efficiency and lower the overall cost of care.

“Rather than taking a sledgehammer to the data and stripping away its value, Locate Mask creates a better combination of data security and data sharing,” continued Kelkar.

ClearDATA Locate Mask is available to all customers starting today. To learn more about how ClearDATA is making healthcare better every single day, visit

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