Gain visibility into where PHI lives and flows across numerous microsystems.

ClearDATA Locate™ is a natural language processing technology engineered to help identify, track, and manage PHI in modern software architectures.

Locate gives microservice based applications the ability to detect data that may be PHI without any additional configuration from developers by running as a foundation in their Kubernetes environment. Kubernetes is a container management platform that enables organizations to develop and deploy faster, provide better scalability for the needs of their application, and make more efficient use of resources. Learn more about Kubernetes here.

Distributed Tracing allows an enterprise to trace data requests as microservice architectures, like Kubernetes, process them.​ It is used most commonly to help track requests, but there has not been a tracing tool that can determine if the traffic is PHI…until now with ClearDATA Locate.

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Assurance for PHI Inventory Requirements

Build a stronger audit record that can help comply with healthcare regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR.

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Evidence to Keep You Compliant

Accurately trace any PHI record to help comply with regulations such as GDPR's “Right to be Forgotten.”

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Data Analysis to Help Your Organization

Gain insights from PHI inventories that can help your organization better detect fraud, discover areas for cost optimization, or improve customer service.

How it Works

Built on ClearDATA’s platform and backed by our healthcare expertise, healthcare organizations can integrate ClearDATA Locate software into an existing Kubernetes based application and immediately start seeing tracing reports that are focused on healthcare data, specifically PHI. Requests that flow through a Kubernetes pod are evaluated against healthcare aware machine learning models that can apply a confidence score to help determine if the data contained in the request is or is not PHI, empowering healthcare organizations to build a strong audit posture in modern microservice based applications.

The ability to detect data that may be PHI can open up opportunities to augment workflows based upon the need to locate PHI data. Whether it’s a provider who is looking for PHI information about a particular diagnosis or a healthcare company looking to understand the impact of a potential incident, customers can build on top of ClearDATA Locate to:

    • Identify the records used to help lower breach costs

ClearDATA Locate can be used to isolate and track the actual records that may be involved in a breach.

    • Workflow alarms

Customers can use the confidence score and determination that is recorded by ClearDATA Locate to generate some alarms if certain data is detected in the service flow.

    • Non-PHI alarms

Use ClearDATA Locate to monitor services that should not contain PHI, such as a marketing website

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