Enhanced performance with SSDs, security and compliance

ClearData announced the evolution of its healthcare-dedicated, HIPAA-compliant cloud-computing platform. The latest version will enhance ClearData’s offering in every major area, including performance/speed, security, compliance, reliability and usability. With its newly enhanced cloud platform, ClearData extends its position on the healthcare cloud computing market in North America.

According to HIMSS, a vast majority of cloud users plan to expand their use yet many reported performance issues.

“As the volume of data grows exponentially, healthcare providers and application developers can no longer afford to rely solely on internal infrastructure, which is why so many are looking to the cloud,” said Matt Ferrari, Co-Founder & Former CTO, ClearData. “They want assurances, however, that the performance, reliability and usability levels they’re used to from internal systems will be there, and that all protected health information will remain secure. The enhancements to our HIPAA-compliant cloud platform push the boundaries in all these areas.”

Enhancements to ClearData infrastructure:

High-Performance Storage
ClearData offers both standard HDDs and SSDs storage to offer faster access to data and applications. The standard storage offers performance, delivering fast yet economical access that is suited to primary storage. Two tiers of solid state storage allow organizations to choose the level of performance they require for various operations, such as near-immediate boot-up of applications, high-volume transaction processing or managing heavy traffic loads on web servers, with performance levels guaranteed.

With all the regulations required around the protection and preservation of health data, having airtight and encrypted backup is critical. ClearData uses software from CommVault to ensure all compliance requirements are met, including encryption at-rest and in-transit. Among the advantages are agentless backup for VMs, up to 200% faster backups, custom reporting, end user self-service and better de-duplication to increase backup speed while reducing storage requirements.

ClearData has made a number of security enhancements that exceed HIPAA requirements to ensure that protected health information (PHI) remains safe. Dedicated, configurable virtual firewalls built into every VM are available to organizations at no additional cost.

The network architecture has been improved to allow rapid scaling to enterprises without compromising security. Internal servers have new enhanced log and threat management, as well as Security Incident and Event Monitoring (SIEM). Even physical security has been heightened through the implementation of a new data center.

ClearData introduced a self-service customer portal that enables authorized users to create and destroy VMs, interact with support ticketing and view billing invoices. The portal simplifies management while giving organizations a clear view of critical data around their cloud usage.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers we have looked at every aspect of our offering and taken bold steps to keep the quality and reliability at the forefront of the industry,” Ferrari added. “Healthcare organizations today face many grave concerns. Worrying about their data in the cloud shouldn’t be one of them.”

Originally published Feb 10, 2015