BY CHRIS BOWEN | Published November 22, 2022 | MedCity News


It’s no secret that cybersecurity is becoming a more pressing issue for both governments and private businesses around the world. We are seeing more and more sophisticated cyber criminals – with the support of rogue nation-states – attacking vulnerable networks throughout the US.

For the American healthcare system, there is so much more at stake than simply the financial consequences of falling victim to a ransomware attack. In my view, every time I work with a healthcare provider, or any healthcare company for that matter, their data is life. Every patient record represents some of the most intimate personal information someone could share with their trusted medical expert. When cybercriminals attack these hospital networks and target PHI data for either a disruption of service or ransomware attack, they are literally jeopardizing a patient’s ability to survive, as well as very intimate patient privacy. We should be treating cybercriminals who engage in these types of attacks just like we would treat violent criminals trying to harm people on the street.