Mobile Security Challenges for Healthcare

$31 billion. That’s how big the mobile health app market will be by 2020. Healthcare organizations are taking notice as their world becomes more mobile. The mHealth boom brings security concerns with it. Healthcare systems have faced significant challenges with traditional IT security. Mobile security presents a new and greater challenge, as there are far more potential access points and opportunities for lost or stolen devices.

Healthcare doesn’t have to go it alone. They can outsource this worry to managed IT services providers. The trick is picking the right one. What should you consider?

  • HIPAA compliance: HIPAA laws demand strict protection of health information. They also enforce stringent rules for reporting security breaches. Choose a provider that understands and maintains rigorous HIPAA compliance.
  • Cloud managed services: Healthcare IT teams find their focus and budgets stretched thin. Cloud managed services allow healthcare organizations to outsource IT infrastructure. This leaves in the hands of skilled and focused experts.
  • Security assurance: Learn how potential providers manage intrusion detection and prevention. How do they ensure data encryption for stored and active data? What about real-time monitoring? Do they perform health checks that detect security and compliance risks?

As mobile health security concerns grow, now may be the time to pursue cloud managed services.

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